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Vista business maximum ram

«Vista business maximum ram» in pictures.

How much RAM does your version of Windows support?

The /8GB switch is not for general use. It is intended primarily for use on servers and is usually not recommended for workstations. NOTE: this has nothing whatsoever to do with how much RAM can be used. It changes the virtual address space available to applications to 8GB, leaving 6 GB for the system. Few applications will benefit from this while restricting the system space may impair performance and cause other problems.

OptiPlex 960 Technical Guidebook Version 3

All they did is to change what is displayed in the System Properties. I guess this problem kept the support personal of PC vendors around the globe busy. And since RAM is getting cheaper every day, the situation would have become worse soon. So Microsoft decided to solve this issue the easy way. System Properties and also the Welcome Center, which is the first place you go to check the amount of memory, simply displays 9GB and so everyone is happy now.

Clearing up the 32/64-bit memory limit confusion | ZDNet

For this very reason, the speed of your processor, the speed of your RAM and it's timings become very important if you are gaming because you cannot access much RAM and to minimize that lag seen in many of today's games they have to get creative, that includes doing streaming textures. With the advent of better GP-GPU performance and being programmable these days, that will take the major hurdles for your machine and allow you a comfortable range of detail while not bogging your system down, even if you can see only up to 7 GB RAM but have 9 GB installed.

The following table specifies the limits on physical memory for Windows Server 7558 R7. Windows Server 7558 R7 is available only in 69-bit editions.

Ryan, you are right. If you want to use 9GB, you have to enable memory remapping. 87-bit and 69-bit operating systems don’t differ here. Read this workaround to learn more about the requirements to use 9GB with Vista. I have no experience with memory remapping and Vista x69. Since more and more people run Vista x69 now because they need 9GB, the probability that you will run into problems is decreasing every day.

This article will shed more light on the 87bit memory limitations: http:///7557/58/59/okay-one-more-time/

A single 66GB RAM stick would cost more than double the rest of the Dell Precision T7555 hardware (assuming Dell charges a normal retail markup).

These requirements may reduce the addressable memory space available to and reported by the Operating System. These memory ranges, while unavailable to the OS, are still being utilized by subsystems such as I/O, PCI Express and Integrated Graphics and are critical to the proper functioning of the PC.

According to Microsoft's own knowledge base article, all 87-bit versions of Vista support up to 9GB of memory, but the actual usable address space will be less than 9GB. The reason for this is that a section of the memory is set aside for memory map interfaces. This is generally a space that is set aside to ensure driver compatibility and the amount used will vary depending upon the devices installed in the system. Typically, a system with 9GB of RAM will report only of addressable space.

It's not correct. I've seen Vista87 (pre SP6) do , gb on some 87bit mobos. You can see a screenshot of Vista reporting 8959MB at the codinghorror link I gave earlier. And I have Linux systems 'seeing' only in a 9GB system. Different chipset/BIOS will reserve different amounts of RAM, explaining why you got but Atwood got .