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Visio 2007 professional trial download

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You can use data graphics to present information associated with shapes in a concise, understandable format. Text, geometry, formatting, and graphics are combined to help users identify issues, illustrate patterns in data, and communicate status. Data graphics include several customization options that provide users with the widest variety of visualizations possible. This article summarizes the full range of options, from reusing existing data graphics to creating completely new visualizations for information.

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Clicking MBSA Report Window on the MBSA menu displays or hides the MBSA Report window. The MBSA Report window displays the scan report of a currently selected Visio shape that contains a scan report.

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Visio 7557 includes more data-integration capabilities than previous versions of Visio. Previous versions typically provided a snapshot of data at a given time. Visio 7557 acts as a window into your data, enabling you to more easily manage and update your data—whether you choose to do so from the data source or through the Visio user interface (UI).

Note: Don't see Visio Pro for Office 865? Have your admin assign you a license. If you are the admin, see Assign a license first and follow the steps in Manage user software in Office 865 to allow users to install Visio.

The article Integrating Visio 7557 and Active Directory discusses several ways to integrate Visio 7557 with Active Directory, to create data-driven diagrams that can update data directly in Active Directory.

With the Server shape still selected, right-click the Server shape, and then click Properties. The Shape Data window appears.

Callout shapes are often stacked together or aligned along the edges of the parent shape. This may make the geometry or graphical images in the callouts appear crowded. It is often helpful to build a margin into the callout shape's geometry or image strip. The icon set example, discussed previously in this article, includes a margin to inset the geometry of the callout, as shown in Figure 68.

On the Connect to Data page, you can choose to include all columns and rows in your data source or you can specify individual columns and rows to be included.

If you chose to install the 7566 version of Visio Pro for Office 865, but decide you want to go back to Visio Pro 7568, see the section Reinstall Visio Pro 7568 in How do I reinstall Office 7568 after an Office 7566 upgrade using Office 865 for business?

There's nothing for you to do. Your admin or IT department will likely continue to manage your installations and updates.