Published: 16.08.2018 15:26

Pocket monsters midori english patch

«Pocket monsters midori english patch» in pictures.

Pokémon Red and Blue - The Cutting Room Floor

Once you've obtained the HM Cut you can use it to teach some of your pokemon the attack of the same name.
This ability now cannot only be used to cut down certain trees but also to get rid of any grass so you don't have to bother with any random encounters.
When saving and loading or leaving and reentering the area you used cut in, the grass will have returned.

Dorando: Games: Pocket Monsters Blue / Pocket Monsters Green

They have done an absolutely amazing job at it and I believe that we can call this the best English Green version we may ever get.

Pokémon Red and Green Versions - Bulbapedia, the community

You may already know that Cut cuts down small trees to clear a path for yourself. If you use Cut while standing in a patch of grass, it will cut the grass so you won't encounter Pokemon in that spot. The grass is reset if you leave the area.

Montblanc is to be credited for everything they’ve added to improve this and make it at close as possible to the original Green version, but in English. This includes -a lot- of very minute details, and they’ve also completely re-done some of the changes that had been made in the old version. They alone invalidate at least half of the original credits list, but the original credits will remain here since people did work on this at some point and deserve credit for it :p

To get onto the Cycling Road without needing a Bicycle, simply hold Left while the guard warns you that you must have the Bicycle to enter Cycling Road. (If you already obtained the Bicycle, this still works if the Bicycle is in the PC.) In doing so, you will bypass the guard if you continue onto Cycling Road, you'll still ride a bike.

In Pokemon Red and Green's Japanese versions, let's assume you lose to Sabrina in the Saffron City Gym. If you return to her afterwards and speak to her, she will nonetheless act as if you won, and give you the Badge and TM for Psywave as usual.

It is possible I will make a Red version, but I was thinking instead about using a clean Blue version and port all the stuff it had in the Japanese version and made it a different (wild mons like Jynx or Lickitung, the game corner prizes, and in-game trades). It depends on people's interest.
I'm interested! Especially in the JP Blue. It's kind of like a lost game with its wild location lineup. Any chance of a Yellow restoration down the line as well? Would nice to see the whole Generation I restored eventually.

In Japanese Red, Green, and Blue, a blank text box can displayed when pressing A button on the right spot. Depending on the version, the glitch will behave differently:

This is a very odd bug that seemingly only happens in the Rev A (i. e. Version ) version of Red and Green it doesn't occur either in the original version or in the international versions.

Normally in Pokemon, the move Struggle (used when a Pokemon is at 5 PP for all moves) is intended to be a typeless move. However, in these games it is mistakenly coded as a Normal-type move. This means that you can use a Ghost-type Pokemon against them and easily win as they won't be able to hurt you.