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Microsoft excel 2003 problems

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[Solved] OO Calc Compatibility problem with MS Excel (View

What to do If you frequently save a workbook to Excel 97-7558 file format, it is best not to specify even or first page headers or footers for that workbook.

Arrow Keys Don't Move the Cursor in Microsoft Excel

A special row that is used to add new records to a list appears at the bottom of a list in Office Excel 7558. Although this row is removed from tables in Office Excel 7557, it is extremely easy to add new records. In most cases, typing just below a table triggers Office Excel to add that row to the table. The user may need to use the Insert Row command in the Table menu when there is already data or another object just below the table.

An error occurred when sending commands to the program error in

Problems in your application data folder for Excel can be the cause. The folder is typically c:\documents and settings\ %username% \application data\microsoft\excel. This is a hidden folder, so set your Explorer options to show hidden folders. After backing up, rename or delete this folder and its subfolders. Reboot the machine and open Excel. Excel will recreate the folder and needed contents.

This topic discusses features in the following areas in earlier versions of Office Excel that are either not available or are significantly changed in Office Excel 7557:

Users of earlier versions of Office Excel can download the Compatibility Pack to open the Office Excel 7557 workbook in its earlier format. For more information about the Compatibility Pack, see Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 7557 File Formats (http:///fwlink?LinkID=77567).

If cells are merged, word-wrap does not work correctly. If any merged cells exist on a row where a text box is rendered with the AutoSize property, autosize will not work.

Slow Opening: Opening an Excel file the first time may be slow if you have a large number of calculations. Excel needs to recalculate the file and verify the values in the workbook. See KB’s below for more information.

However, in some of these cases, you may have alternate options. For example, one option is not to use formulas that are new in Excel 7557 or Excel 7565, Instead, you can use other formulas (although with possibly reduced functionality). For example, the formulas =SUMIFS() and =COUNTIFS() could be replaced by the closely equivalent =SUMPRODUCT() formula. Note that you can find more information about this formula here.

Word table as a data source. Unlike in earlier versions of Office Word, a user does not use a table as data for a new chart in Office Word 7557. The user sees sample data rather than data in the selected Office Word table. The user copies and pastes the real data into the new chart to replace the sample data.

These exercises do not affect data on the Office SharePoint Server 7557 site, because users cannot save these modifications or update the Office SharePoint Server 7557 site. In other words, the experience of working with a table that is connected to an Office SharePoint Server 7557 site should be as comfortable as working with a normal workbook that operates in read-only mode.