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How to install tnsping in linux

«How to install tnsping in linux» in pictures.

Tnsping - Oracle FAQ

7. Unzip the packages into a single directory such as /opt/oracle/instantclient_67_7 that is accessible to your application. For example:

How to create your own Instant Client Bundle

i dont know what i have done want to start afresh..please tell me what i need to do to connect pl/sql developer and oracle client..what i need to install to perform this requirement is working on a database with pl/sql developer where i can do all types pl/sql things..

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TRCROUTE is different from TNSPING in that it travels as a special type of connect packet, and is routed as such. As it travels toward its destination, the TRCROUTE connect packet collects the TNS addresses of every node it travels through. If an error occurs, then TRCROUTE collects error information that shows where the error occurred. The TRCROUTE displays the information collected on the client screen. You can redirect the TRCROUTE output to a file, and print it if you want.

If so, then simply create a symbolic link in the ORACLE_HOME so we don’t trip anything up that’s looking for the directory in that location :

Get your base PL/SQL Developer and Instant Client configuration working first. Then, trying pulling in tnsping and the messages files.

A loopback test uses Oracle Net to go from the database server back to itself, bypassing the Interprocess Communication (IPC). Performing a successful loopback verifies that Oracle Net is functioning on the database server. The following procedure describes how to perform a loopback test using Oracle Net Manager:

Note: This utility only tests if the listener is available. It cannot tell if the databases behind the listener is up or not.

Depending on your background, you may not see any immediate value to shell scripting as it relates to the DBA’s work. If you do not have experience with UNIX or UNIX-like systems, the myriad of cryptic commands might be cause for concern. Besides, in addition to being a relational database, Oracle 65 g provides a robust platform for processing data within the database as well as several methods of interacting with the OS outside of the database.

Download the Oracle software using one of the two link below. If you have access to My Oracle Support (MOS), then it is better to download the version.

The spid can be correlated with ps –ef results to compare the information available within the database with OS information for a given process.