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Find netbackup serial number

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About NetBackup license requirements : Veritas NetBackup

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How to Obtain the Installation Download and License Keys for

Note: For additional information on License Management, refer to https:///licensing/process

Note : For more information on how to obtain licensing keys and installation downloads refer to https:///docs/555655968

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Prior to its expiry date, your maintenance contract must be renewed to continue receiving the benefits. This action is called a “Renewal”. Once you renew your maintenance contract, you will receive a new License Certificate which will specify your new maintenance end date.

When you install NetBackup, Veritas recommends that you enter all other product licenses on the master server when you are prompted. Although you can add these licenses later, it is easier to enter them when you install the master server software.

You can check your maintenance start and end dates on your Symantec License Certificate. This information is also available to view within many Symantec products. The Symantec utility SymHelp also provides licensing and maintenance information for certain products.

Symantec has various methods of alerting you that a maintenance contract is about to expire. Renewal notification e-mails are sent to SMB customers starting 65 days prior to the contract’s expiry date. Additionally, several of our products will alert you from the product’s management console. Finally, Symantec’s diagnostic tool (SymHelp) provides licensing information and alerts for several of our products. Your reseller is also likely to contact you about your renewal.

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Step 8: Plan your future business needs. Renewal time is the ideal opportunity to review your usage trends and assess your future licensing needs to determine if you need to purchase any additional licenses or upgrade to a more fully-featured product. Your reseller will be able to advise you on options to suit your growing business needs.

The minimum period for a maintenance contract is one year which must be purchased and paid for in full upfront. Generally, renewal costs cannot be spread over the course of the renewal period however you should check with your reseller about possible payment options.