Published: 16.08.2018 15:22

Dstv pvr 1 manual

«Dstv pvr 1 manual» in pictures.


thank u guys for sharing what u know. i think everyone owns a satellite dish should pay an amont yearly in contribution shouting our own satellite in the future, the NCA should take charge of this excercise.

DSTV Explora decoder complete features, specs and functionality

I am investigating the DSD6665. I think that it will not work due to the design. At your own risk. Replace network 6 with the W9/7 and the correct frequency’s and test it. The best way to learn is play

DStv's new PVR: the inside story - TechCentral

I would like to watch emmanuel tv on my dstv decoder here in durban,south africa. I have tried all the frequencies that I got and its still not showing,anyone with an idea on how I can set it up

i just bought a new strong decoder and don’t know the frequencies of some channels(eg,etv,sabc) can anyone please help me?

South Africa – Durban. Connected to multi choice. Please advise on setting to view Noor Tv. Currently using single view decoder with small dish.

Gud day big bro,if not u in most of d installer’s life,installation would av been difficult. I ask a questn d last time that I would love to stand on my own,how much (#) am I going to like av to start afresh? Kindly help me out. Tnx

Yes, it is on DSTV. It is not part of Multichoice Africa DSTV but it is the same satellite / present I am using the same satellite, dish and decoder for Pay and FTA. A while ago I have failed to pay my DSTV in time and Multichoice has disabled my service. FTA was still up and running.
A while ago KRUISKERK has disappeared and after I have selected another FTA frequency, it was back. Find my frequencies somewhere in this blog.
You are welcome. I hope it is the correct answer. If not, rephrase and ask again.

Church… My Excel calculator to calculate the religious holidays are finished. I will discuss it with the author and make it available. I have done in because most of the FTA channels are religious and very interesting.
Did you know that there are about 76 important days around Easter.
Did you know about the role that the moon is playing as well?

If there are frequencys not working on your system, get someone to fine tune your dish first. This is my technosat problem because all the frequencies start with 67*** are not working “No signal”.

i’m from uganda how can i access premium channels of dstv with or without internet connection please inbox me the information