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Cool pool software

«Cool pool software» in pictures.

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Don’t feel like you have to head to the gym or the community center to swim laps. Even if your pool is mainly intended for pleasure, using it for exercise is definitely a convenience you shouldn’t ignore. At the same time, backyard pool designs with a lap lane don’t have to look like utility pools, either. You can have a decorative design that still incorporates a lap lane for your use.

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The new trend in public parks is a splash pad, and you can bring this technology to your own backyard. It gives you and your family privacy without worrying about other children getting in the way, and it’s another option for your kids and their friends, whether entertaining at a pool party or just having a few visitors to ease the boredom of a long, hot summer.

The UltraTemp heat pump provides digital controls with dual thermostats to offer precise temperature control for pool/spa combinations. This way, you can avoid overheating and energy waste.

By adding a hot tub to your pool design, you create a space that’s usable even in the dead of winter. Take a dip in the heated portion of your design in frigid temperatures and feel relaxed, still enjoying the elements of your backyard and pool when you can’t actually go for a swim. And if the summer nights get a little cooler than expected, slip into the hot tub to warm up!

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Don’t settle for cheap patio furniture, especially if you’ve worked up a beautiful pool design. create your own outdoor dining space to reflect the same elegance and style you put into the pool. It’ll make you more eager to spend time in your backyard, enjoying the meal and then taking a relaxing swim. You’ll likely end up spending a great deal more of your summer outdoors!

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The landscaping around your pool should be a part of your pool design. Ignoring this element of your backyard can lead to boredom with the concrete structure meant for pleasure. Dress it up with colorful and fragrant flowers that add aesthetic pleasure. Tulips, roses, and hydrangea bushes are all great choices for easy poolside landscaping.

Something that adds pizzazz to any pool is lighting. Install underwater lighting for a fluorescent glow. This not only adds atmosphere and intrigue to any existing or new pool. It also makes even backyard pool designs for small yards seem larger and deeper. Consider multicolored lights that change with a timer or randomizer to keep the party rolling through the day and night.