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Blue s clues birthday party activities

«Blue s clues birthday party activities» in pictures.

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Because they were working with such a limited budget, the production team provided voices for the show themselves rather than hire talent. Nick Balaban, who composed the music, played the role of Mr. Salt, while his co-composer, Michael Rubin, provided the voice of The Sun. In determining who would play the part of Blue, the team went around the table to see who had the best bark. The winner was co-creator Traci Paige Johnson, who filled the role throughout the show’s run.

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Then we hid them around the sunroom and turned the kids loose to find them, while one of the older kids drew pictures of the clues in a handy dandy notebook:

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These little storebought cookies are dressed up with frosting letters to resemble children’s building blocks. Then we used them as cupcake toppers, with red polka-dot wrappers, too.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even have made it as far as hanging up the balloons if I didn’t have a blog to post pictures on ). But Abe actually LOVED the balloons, so just a little bit of pinterest can be a good thing for the birthday party slackers among us, maybe….

For one night only, one lucky family will be invited to stay at the LEGO house after hours as part of a collaboration with Airbnb. The vacation begins with superstar LEGO set designer Jamie Berard greeting the guests upon arrival. Later, the family heads to the dining room to construct their food orders out of LEGO bricks. After the plastic requests are sent to the kitchen, edible versions of the meals are served by robot waiters.

How about a handy dandy notebook? Another easy party DIY project that your pint sized guest can take away with them. We created the graphics, cut the cover to size, added some paper and them had them bound and an office supply store. Green crayons were also wrapped in coordinating paper to complete this darling party favor.

Magenta: Gayle reminded me that with a different jar of food coloring you could make a great Magenta Version of all these cakes. Take a look at the photos of her Blue and Magenta cakes.

Yes, we all wonder, why did I buy all of those silly party favors? Well, these favors surely won't get tossed into the trash! This was a Blue's Clues themed party to which I made these fun party pops and decorated the tins for an added bonus!

Then I kind of….let the kids and Dave hang up a bunch of random decorative stuff. Blue stuff. Plus the banner I made for his 6st birthday party :

While there are options to buy the cakes outright, there is a possibility of you baking your own cake as well. That way, you can come up with something unique for your child. Blue’s Clues birthday cake ideas can be quite diverse.