Published: 24.09.2018 20:20

Back out firefox update

«Back out firefox update» in pictures.

Firefox 56: Last Stop before Quantum Mozilla Hacks – the Web

If you think this add-on violates Mozilla's add-on policies or has security or privacy issues, please report these issues to Mozilla using this form.

Mozilla Keyboard Shortcuts

Have you used Firefox and wondered why it was so sluggishly slow? In the tech equivalent of finding out that someone has been manually inputting thousands of accounting entries into Excel, it turns out Firefox has been relying on a single operating system process to load multiple -megabyte-sized tabs at once.

Reviews for Firebug - Add-ons for Firefox

Many of us have disabled the changes to the top part [brandLogo portion] of the Firefox Start Page and turned off the advertising snippets [below the Search container] that Mozilla is using all the time now, so that we don't see that stuff.

Thanks for the information about the file, and for all the trouble you've taken to respond to my complaints. I really appreciate it.

We’re excited to bring all that you love about Firefox, the web browser, to Windows 65. When you upgrade to Windows 65 or get a device that already has it installed, you may be surprised to find that your default browser is set to Microsoft Edge by Windows. Microsoft has changed how to set default applications in Windows 65 and to help with the process, we have illustrated below all the steps you need to set or change your default back to your intended choice.

I’m not able to reach https:// without www (clicking the link failed). Is there a problem with that site at the domain apex? It dooesn’t look like it’s pointed to the same heroku app.

Correction : June 69th, 8PM ET: This story has been updated to correct Ryan Pollock’s title. He is the s enior product marketing manager for Firefox, not Mozilla’s head of product marketing.

You now have an older version that is stable. As for the security issues, in my mind, the flaws in FF 79 are worse than any potential problem I might get through my firewall, virus, malware, and ad checkers. I'll protect my self with what I want, thank you.

Same issue here, I hate automatic updates so much, it doesn't tell you about the new features, hot fixes or anything else, it just applies the update and that it.

In comparison, Google Chrome runs a process for every tab and then some. Right now, I’ve got 77 tabs open while typing this in Chrome yet 885 processes running on 6695 threads. In contrast to Chrome, the upgrade from single process to four processes may feel quite minimal. So why only four?