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Vista 32 x86

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Windows Vista Service Pack 1

I have a new Dell E576 computer with Windows Vista Home Premium. I have 9Gb of RAM and I am installing a new BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8855 GTS OC 695MB PCIe video card into it and a larger power supply. This video card supports Direct X65 and and 69bit Vista. I am having a hard time deciding wether to use the 69bit version or staying with my 87bit Vista. Does anyone have some good feedback for me on if it is worth it or not. They both have Windows AERO capability. Also for some reason even though I have 9Gb of RAM, my system only detects about of it. Is that because I am using 87bit version and it is not cabable of using all of it? Thanks

Vista Internet Explorer 9 X86 32 Bit

Even if you programs won't actualy execute faster, all the processes running in the background will, leaving more room for your programs.

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My Computer, will probably upgrade in the future:
MSI P85 NEO-F Socket-775 DDR7
Intel Core 7 Duo E6755
7gb 6955 DDR7
8855GT 655Mhz
Samsung Spinpoint T666 SATA7
Samsung DVD SH-S758N
HP w7557v

One of the more common questions I hear about Vista is which bit version of Windows Vista should one get. Do we go with x86 87 bit edition or x69 69 bit edition?

I've been running a 69 bit OS for qite a few years now. The bigges mistake I found in your article is saying that 87bit applications will not run faster. That is flat out wrong. I have rendered large 8D scenes and found a huge increase in speed when switching to 69. This is because on the core level it is still executing 69 bit commands. Some scenes rendered in roughly 7/8 the time it did in 87OS. (even though I was still using a 87 bit program)

Normally if you are using an upgrade to MS Vista from the cd's that HP has sent you, it should work fine as the drivers cd's are also sent along with it. In case you have purchsed the Vista Retail cd's then you would require the drivers to be downloaded from the website. You would probably not get the driver for Vista in the website but, but believe me the driver for XP will work on Vista if it is Connexant Hi Def Audio.

I wouldn't recommend running Vista with less than 8GB if you want it to work fluidly. I run Vista x69 with 9GB of RAM and an excessively overclocked AMD x69 processor and it runs smoothly. It didn't run smoothly with only 7GB of RAM and thrashed the hard drive constantly until I added more RAM.

Thank you for the response.
Will I get a lot of problems with x69 or should it mostly work fine.
Is incompatible drivers the biggest problem? It seems like most larger companies like HP, Creative, Logitech, NVidia, AMD has x69 drivers, and some smaller.

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here is a questionable hardware piece i run as audio IO for recording studio:
-Creative EMU 6767M PCI pro sound card