Published: 16.08.2018 15:23

The mirror crack d novel

«The mirror crack d novel» in pictures.

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side by Agatha Christie

I just read your review and enjoyed it very much! When you wrote it, the idea of blogging was but a glimmer in my feeble little brain. I certainly agree with you that the opening of this book constitutes some of Christie’s best scene setting!

The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side | Jane Austen's World

Fascinating to hear about the film, but how tragic for Ghosh to have died so – it is a constant reminder that more needs to be done when one hears about people who are not been able to open about who they are. Thanks again Santosh.


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For my money, Claire Bloom stamped and mailed the role in Hickson’s TV version which was truer to the original material and a skosh turned down and less “lavish.” Creepy, sad story, well told and very worthwhile.

I haven't read this book yet but you have definitely peak my interest and even the movie version sounds interesting. I love this new series of yours. I always learn so much from your post. You give an insight to books that I sometimes overlook.

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Even more significant are the changes wrought in the village itself, once so picturesque, but now expanded to include a housing development for the rising middle class. people ignore the high street shops in favor of the gleaming supermarket. Mrs. Jameson, local hairdresser, has repainted her sign to read, “ DIANE. Hair Stylist.” The string of servants who once came from the local orphanage to be trained by Miss Marple have been replaced by a charming and competent cleaning lady from The Development named Cherry Baker and a hideously chipper companion named Miss Knight. (Honestly, did Christie ever really view companions with much sympathy?)

EVIL UNDER THE SUN has such light-hearted watercolor opening credits plus charming Cole Porter music which practically steals the film from under the nose of Peter Ustinov. But the scene in which Ustinov as Poirot parades down to the sea in an outrageous bathing suit (monogrammed, of course), robe and bathing cap, steal the movie back.

Just gorgeous costuming AND setting. The only one in the cast who didn’t quite gel was James Mason, but what the heck – that’s a minor quibble. For me, Sylvia Miles as Mason’s wife makes the whole movie. She is a total nasty delight.

I recently watched (but haven't gotten around to reviewing. yet) the movie version of The Mirror Crack'd. From what you've said the movie does a pretty good job of reflecting the themes of the book. And it stars Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and Angela Lansbury as Miss Marple. It was one of the few Christie-based movies I've liked!