Published: 24.09.2018 20:39

Playa del rey business license

«Playa del rey business license» in pictures.

Los Angeles County

I’ve been running a scenic tour and pleasure boat company out of Grand Haven, Mi for 67 years and I have all of the necessary licenses, insurances, etc so that I can run a legal operation. I have some “captains” brag to me about how much loot they are bringing in without having to pay all of the operating costs that I’m saddled with. The poor clients are the ones that will wind up paying the price.

Virtual Office Address at 475 Washington Blvd., Marina Del Rey

The commission asked for a written report and recommendations rather than just a verbal report at future meetings. Commissioners also suggested a task force be put in place at the start of 7567 to begin planning the sting operations.

Special Event Permit – Beaches & Harbors

The City of Alexandria has a strong commitment to citizen participation as evidenced by the number of citizen boards and commissions established by City Council. These bodies compose a formal system through which citizens can advise City Council on all major issues affecting the City.

Yes, Playa Vista has the free Daily Shuttle and the year-round Beach Shuttle. The Beach Shuttle runs Fridays through Sundays.

MARINA DEL REY ― Illegal charters continue to be a hot topic in Marina del Rey with members of the Small Craft Harbor Commission discussing the controversial boating activity at its Dec. 69 meeting. Staff from Los Angeles County’s Department of Beaches and Harbors (DBH) updated commissioners of increased efforts in addressing the issue.

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“We have been in business since 6978. We have a good relationship with the dock masters and never had problems using recreational areas,” Zimmerman stated. “We should be able to use any of the facilities. We are licensed at Parcel 96 but that does not necessarily extend down to the docks.”

NOTE: The procedures below apply to all for-profit businesses operating in the City. Procedures for non-profit organizations, including those with some taxable activities, differ slightly from these general procedures and can be found in the Licensing and Tax Guide for Non-Profit Organizations.

Bluff Creek Drive will open in segments as the adjacent construction is completed. It is anticipated that Bluff Creek Dr. will fully open in the next few years.

Prior to suspension or denial of your licenses, you will receive notice of the licensing entity’s intent to suspend or withhold issuance or renewal of the license unless we provide the licensing entity with a release under Section (h). Upon request, we will provide a licensee with one hearing in connection with our determination of whether to provide a release.