Published: 23.09.2018 23:24

Penndot driver license restoration

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Reinstate Your Suspended Pennsylvania Drivers License

For more information, please refer to the PennDOT driving record point fact sheet or our DMV Point System in Pennsylvania page.

Suspended License

Your eligibility for ARD depends on the specific facts surrounding your offense. Call Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Enrique Latoison For A Free Consultation..

Restore Driving Privilege

More serious infractions generally incur a larger amount of penalty points than minor offenses. If you violate the restrictions of your license, for instance, you will be penalized with two negative points. Leaving the scene of an accident, on the other hand, results in four demerit points. To obtain the full schedule of traffic violations and their corresponding point penalties, contact a local PennDOT office .

Before submitting a Pennsylvania driving license restoration request, drivers will often be required to wait out a specific penalty period as part of their reinstatement requirements. The duration of the drivers license suspension or revocation period varies based on several factors, such as the seriousness of the offense and whether or not the driver has previously committed similar violations.

For more information on requesting a hearing, including the cost, what documents you need, and where you need to send them to, read the Driver Licensing Administrative Hearings fact sheet.

Department of transportation plays a very important role in reviewing the suspension of the licenses in Pennsylvania. Administrative hearings are conducted to accomplish the task and they also provide credit time to the users. With the help of above process it is possible to restore your driving license but it should be handled in an effective manner.

Repeat offenders incur stricter PA driving license suspensions, larger fines and longer jail sentences. If you commit a third or subsequent offense of operating a vehicle with a BAC or higher, for instance, you will be penalized with an 68-month license suspension, a minimum fine of $7,555 and a jail sentence of one to five years. When reinstating suspended driving licenses in PA after a DUI conviction, drivers may also be required to attend an alcohol highway safety program, install an ignition interlock device and/or undergo an alcohol treatment program. Certain state courts also impose community service penalties of varying length.

NOTE : If you were convicted in court, you may also face additional court penalties, including fines and suspensions.

There are big changes coming to the way suspension credit is handled in Pennsylvania. With Act 85 signed into law to take effect in 65 months, the PA Legislature sends a message that they will no longer allow the archaic suspension credit system to ruin the lives of.

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