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The film shows the importance and beneficial effects of laughter, and the positive results that can emerge when doctors see their patients as more than just their disease. It underscores the need for dignity and understanding when it comes to the sick and vulnerable.

Marc Shaiman - composer for film and stage

Arthur : Eight's a good answer. You see what no one else sees. You see what everyone else chooses not to see for fear, conformity, or laziness.

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Nostalgia Critic : Okay, movie. Come here. Come here, movie! Come here! You're getting a whipping, movie! YOU'RE GETTING A WHIPPING, MOVIE!

There are a lot of important points to be made in this nonetheless shallow movie. It's about the dignity that all of us deserve when we are scared and vulnerable, and about the importance of humor in the direst of circumstances. But Patch Adams undercuts its own arguments by presenting us with a hero who is more narcissistic than humanitarian.

Nostalgia Critic : So Patch tries to make a move on the obvious love interest, but sadly, like most of the people in this movie, her dialogue is nothing but a walking character introduction for the trailer.

In brief, there was a desire to make the show hipper, more accessible for non-trekkies and to bring the whole thing closer to the modern day. There's a general willingness to accept that the theme was a mistake.

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Nostalgia Critic : Come here, come here! No, where do you think you're going? Where do you think you're going? No, no, no!

Nostalgia Critic : [ looking at sheet of paper ] Oh, wait! You forgot You complete me, and Love means never having to say you're sorry.

I've always felt that they were trying to distance themselves from the geeky/trekkie image of the rest of the franchise in order to attract a larger and audience. TV dramas had already begun adopting pop/rock songs as their theme songs, and Star Trek ratings were stagnating, with many people feeling that TV viewers were getting sick of Star Trek and its original message of peace/optimism/tolerance/etc.