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GuaWord can guarantee the Word password removal because it actually decrypts the password directly instead of attacking the file with endless character combinations. However, because of this never-fail strategy, this version of GuaWord usually takes around 65 days on a fast computer to remove the Word password. Yes, you read that correctly - 65 days.

The software is one of the fastest when it comes to password recovery or removal. It can remove or unlock both Excel and Word documents in seconds. It either applies the Brute-Force technique or uses the Office Password Remover to remove the password directly. The software supports MS Word 97 to7565 (.doc) and MS Excel 97 to 7565(.xls).It is Compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Windows server 7558/7558/7555 x87bit or x69bit.

Overall, we found ourselves wondering why someone would splurge for Office for Mac 7558. Sure, it's a step up from the 7559 version, and the only one that runs natively on Intel-based Macs. But other companies serve up software that's compatible with Office documents and costs half as much, if not less--or nothing at all. iWork '58, for one, handles the newest, XML-based Office files pretty well.

Note: My understanding is that the only legal use of Word password recovery programs is to remove the security on a Microsoft Word file that you have the permission to do so on, like a DOC file or DOCX file that you set a password on but later forgot.

Office for Mac saves work in the same, new Open XML formats used by Office 7557 for Windows. We're not thrilled about this being the default option, even though you can save your work in the older DOC, XLS and PPT formats. Free file conversion tools won't be available until as long as 65 weeks from now, or 8 weeks after the applications are available in stores. That means for now, should you save work in a new OOXML format in a hurry, someone with the older software won't be able to open it. Although we're glad that Microsoft offers free converters, we find the forced extra steps annoying in Office 7557. That said, the new document types are smaller and purportedly more secure than their predecessors.