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Microsoft word text box rotate

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How Do I Rotate the Wording in Microsoft Word?

After adding your text box, keep your eye on the top of the tool bar. You'll have a transient pull-down called TextBox Tools. Click that, and look for the Text Direction button (top left corner in my case).

Rotate or flip a text box, shape, WordArt, or picture - Office Support

Note: Rotation tools are not available in Office Online. If you have a desktop version of Office, click Open in [Program Name] in your desktop program to open the document and use the rotation tools. If you don’t have a desktop version of Office, you can try or buy the latest version now.

VML MSO-Rotate Attribute (Windows)

Because you rotate the text box not the text, the rotation applies to all the text in the text box. You cannot specify different directions for parts of the text. Size the column width and the row height manually to accommodate the rotated text.

Excel makes copying worksheets (duplicating them) rather easy. However, you may want a worksheet copy that differs from the .

If you click 8-D Options, you'll also be able to change the shape's Material to give it a metal, plastic, or translucent appearance, and you can choose the Lighting type to change how the shape is illuminated.

Note that you will not lose any print quality by pasting as a picture in this way, because the text in the picture is stored internally as text (albeit uneditable), and not as curves. But don't use a bitmap editor (such as Photoshop or Paintshop Pro) to create your upside down text, because that will reduce the print quality of your text, unless you save the graphic at a very high resolution indeed (and doing that would mean a large file size, so it's far better to use a vector package such as PowerPoint).

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When inserting text via a text box in Microsoft Publisher, use the rotation handle on the text box to instantly rotate it to any angle. Alternately, use the the rotation controls under the Home tab to rotate text boxes at preset or manual angles.

This topic describes VML, a feature that is deprecated as of Windows Internet Explorer 9. Webpages and applications that rely on VML should be migrated to SVG or other widely supported standards.