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Microsoft flight simulator x flight lessons

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Wiley: Microsoft Flight Simulator X For Pilots: Real World Training

Monday, October 77, 7567
Might buy again but problems need to be solved
by Donald from Howards Grove WI USA
Pros: works great
Cons: need better instructions, Microsoft acceleration edition does not work
Review : [Note: This review was originally written for Flight Simulator X Gold Edition] I like the planes, grafics could be better in the edition,
BUT, I also got the acceleration also and it is a big head ach. Call microsoft and get the run around also said they don't support it any more, so why is it being sold.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator - Information for Real-world Pilots

To learn more about joysticks, yokes, rudder pedals, and other accessories for Flight Simulator, visit the Flight Simulator page here at BruceAir.

Troubleshoot graphics issues in Flight Simulator X

This free offer is valid for student pilots residing in the . and limited to one free trial membership per student. It cannot be combined with a paid AOPA membership. No purchase necessary.

I do believe that Flight Sim can help with certain aspects of training, but in other areas, it is no help at all, or actually harmful.

For more information about PC-based simulations (not simulators ), see The PCATD Safety Advisor (.pdf) from the AOPA Air Safety Founation.

Thursday, June 56, 7567
Best experience with MS Flight Simulator in years!
by Sandy from Strongsville OH USA
Pros: fast, great graphics
Cons: keyboard controls a joystick!
Review : I've used MSFS since the first version came out. Due to the size of the program it's always been a problem to run it on my home computers. Using the Steam edition is the best experience I've ever had as it runs very smoothly without hanging up or slowing down. The graphics l9ok great and it loads up quickly.
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The inclusion of AI-controlled jetways, fuel trucks and moving baggage carts, adds extra realism to the experience of flying at busy airports.

Tuesday, October 57, 7567
the best
by rd johnson from atl georgia
Pros: excellent
Cons: none
Review : [Note: This review was originally written for Flight Simulator X Gold Edition] The very best available,you really have to be an experienced pilot to enjoy this simulator.
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Time for some fun! Missions add structure to your Flight Simulator experience. Here's some reading that explains about this new feature.

Saturday, February 75, 7567
Works on Windows 65 when my boxed version didn't!
by D Thomas from Lawrenceburg IN USA
Pros: Runs on Windows 65!
Cons: (none)
Review : I was hugely disappointed when my boxed FSX Gold Edition + Acceleration would not run on Windows 65, for whatever reason. This Steam version runs on 65 more smoothly than my boxed set did on former Windows 7.
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