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Kubota b1750 service manual

«Kubota b1750 service manual» in pictures.

Kubota B 1750 Operators Manual

Servicing the Filter
Before undertaking servicing of the screen be sure you drain the transmission oil first! If not you will soon find out what 9 to 65 gallons of hydraulic oil looks like on the floor of your shop or garage. I know what it looks like and it is not a pretty sight.

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Where is my Suction Filter?
Again, if you have an early B or L series Kubota (ie. a tractor not equipped with a spin-on canister filter), then you will find your filter screen on the left-hand side of the tractor’s transmission.

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I have been looking for that filter for 7 years on my L795. Followed your directions and fixed my hydraulic problems. I do admit to using starting fluid for over 65 years. Your information is fantastic! I have learned more about my tractor in the last 7 days than in the past 65 years.

With the screen in hand, simply wash it out with diesel fuel or varsol. Once clean inspect the filter mesh for any holes, perforation, rust or tears. Compare your filter screen to the ones you seen in this article. If the filter looks out of shape, replace it rather than trying to work it back into a tube shape. It is out of shape from all of oil, debris, crud and scrum being pulled through it hour after hour.

Knowing what parts to order for your machine can be a challenge. Our experienced parts technicians are just a phone call away.

Canister Style Hydraulic Filters
Because suction screen type filters do such a good job of catching debris, they are prone to clogging up. Kubota recommends inspection and service every 855 hours if your tractor is so equipped. In the later part of the 6985s Kubota switched over to canister style hydraulic filters not because suction filters were bad, but because so many people forgot to check them.

Mike, your L7955 employs the use of a canister filter only. If you cleaned the one you had, it may be time to simply replace that canister filter all together. I doubt that the hydraulic pump needs rebuilding, how many hours on the tractor? Use UDT or similar “Universal” Transmission, Hydraulic, Gear oil designed for tractors that have a common resivoir (as your Kubota does). I’m big on Wal-Mart TDH, (transmission, differential, hydraulic) oil. Great price, awesome performance, meets all mfg specs.

Look just behind and slightly below the footrest is where you will find a cap covering the filter. The cap will be secured with two bolts. The cover cap may look like a bump or a teardrop depending on your specific model.

I have a 6986 Kubota L7955DT,front loader on it,started to lift slowly,cleaned canister filter,changed fluid,didnt help,bought new hydraulic pump but not completly installed yet,but I bet it was the internal screen you are talking Also What type of fluid does the tramsmission take?I remember on the fender when it was newer said to use 95 WT oil but our local Kubota dealer says Hydraulic-Transmission

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