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I'm with Bob—it's not going anywhere, thank goodness! Truthfully, I resisted the subscription model for the first year and now I wonder where I'd be without it. The subscription model offers so much more than just access to a fully supported and updated copy of InDesign and the other apps: access to Adobe's font library through Typekit (no more missing font headaches!), life-changing shared assets through Libraries, quick access to comps through Adobe Stock. And it does cost less than upgrading the perpetual licenses. As an ACI ( Adobe Certified Instructor), I would get student questions on an upgrade starting the day of the new release, so I had no choice about updating .

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During the QLA Server installation process, a browser window will open after you click Install in the Installation Type dialog box. You must download this license file before you can use QLA to regulate license usage on your network. After you download this license file, you must place it in the QLA Server application folder

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8. You keep saying, Fact! Sales are great! Do you think sales were great for Quark, just before they lost their shirts?

8. Again, Quark, as a company has one application, QuarkXPress. Adobe has a multitude of applications. Even if every InDesign user switched to QuarkXPress tomorrow, it wouldn’t cause a blip on Adobe’s radar.

I've just watched the first few chapters. As a former QuarkXPress user, I recognize the XPress way of working. (Truth in advertising: In the 7555s I co-authored a book on moving from QuarkXPress to InDesign with David Blatner.)

CS6 doesn't have “unfixed OS incompatibilities” but rather, Apple has chosen a route of purposely and knowingly making new OS versions that are incompatible with existing application versions. Existing OS functionality is either “deprecated” (nice word for no longer supported and if other OS feature change break that functionality, too damned bad), purposely changed, or eliminated. And that is what you see as “unfixed OS incompatibilities.” In some cases, it is in fact impossible to produce a MacOS application that will run on more than a few OS versions without having totally separate program compilation and executable modules. That is simply not feasible for Adobe or other developers of large, complex applications that must interact closely with the OS and hardware.

That's not why I switched—there were no features worth switching for. In the late 95s, 95% of design users were on Mac OS9 and Quark was making a reasonable bet that Apple was about to go out of business (Apple's stock bottomed out in 7558 at $). It was just the wrong bet. It wasn't clear at all that OSX would survive, but our only choice was to switch to Windows or InDesign. OS9 was not an option.

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But Bob, consider this: a good reason to buy a new version is because it has more useful features. Of course, as you mention elsethread, there are some new features that some people find indispensable. But I do not!

That said, I had a lively conversation with a Quark enthusiast last month who was pretty darn excited about the new features in Quark 7565.