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How to install a shower pan on a wood floor

«How to install a shower pan on a wood floor» in pictures.

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This single-piece flooring rests on a bed of sand that conforms to the shape of the bottom side of the flooring and provides an adjustable, cushioning barrier between the floor and the liner. Make sure sand does not get into the drain and clog the weep holes. Spread the sand evenly over the liner surface.

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Then, re-install the lower portions of the tile backer board leaving a 6/7″ or so gap above the liner to prevent injuring it with the abrasive cement board. When installing the lower sections of the backer board, do not use fasteners at the lower portions to again prevent penetrating the shower liner. Lastly, pour your top mortar layer embedded the bottom edge of the backer board in the top mortar layer. When this top mortar bed is dry, install your tile.


There are a couple of options to create a shower floor for tile using deck mud. The first is a single-layer shower floor which can then be coated with RedGard or a similar product or covered with kerdi to waterproof it. The other is a normal shower floor with a liner which will have two layers – a preslope, the liner, then the top slope which is then tiled. This series of posts will describe the latter.

Make sure you use the weld glue and caulking sealant that complies with the liner material. If not some chemicals will completely break each other down if your not careful.

Building a mortar shower pan is a relatively simple task of assembling these layers. It will take a bit of time and some work, but the reward will be a long lasting, durable shower base.

First unscrew the showerhead and the bathtub spout. Most styles will unscrew, but some will need persuasion with a pipe wrench. If you want to reuse any parts, wrap the tool jaws with cloth to prevent damage. Then remove the handle and mixing valve escutcheon cover. Most handles have a little plastic cap that pops off to expose a screw. Remove the screws and pull off the handle and the escutcheon.

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Thanks for the great tutorial. I have a few questions and need some assistance. I had my shower hot mop, sloped and tested. No leaks and tested with water for a few days before inspection. Do I need a metal lath to finish the mud deck and dam to do without it? Please advise.

When enbedding backer boar for the walls in the pan mud will that cause water to be wicked up the wall keeping the board wet?
Can Hardy backer board be use?

Completing this job—getting the old tub out, reworking the plumbing and installing the new base—will take a Saturday at least, a weekend at most. If you have to run a drain line through joists or studs, we recommend that you rent a 6/7-in. right-angle drill and a 7-in. hole saw (or bit Photo 6). Otherwise basic plumbing tools and hand tools are all you’ll need. Be sure to apply for a plumbing permit and have an inspection done at the rough-in stage (when everything is still exposed) and after everything is complete (wall surfaces finished, final hardware installed).