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Fairbanks alaska activities

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Recreational and competitive cross-country skiers alike are passionate about Birch Hill Recreation Area a favorite among locals with its extensive and challenging trails that are always well-groomed, for both classical and skate skiers.

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This is the site of the original airfield in Fairbanks, from which the first airplane to leave the ground in Alaska took flight in 6968. Today, residents often use the grassy open areas to fly kites, exercise their dogs, or have a picnic. School children walk between the library and elementary school that border the park to the east and west. Wildlife sightings are always a possibility, particularly for birds and moose.

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Take advantage of your northern latitude during your stay in Fairbanks and venture even farther toward the pole on this adventure to the Arctic Circle. Soak.

In Alaska, rivers and lakes freeze over from November to March. The ice can reach a thickness of almost 8 feet and it provides a great environment for one of.

Daily tours at the Robert G. White Large Animal Research Station (LARS) at University of Alaska Fairbanks provide visitors with the chance to view muskoxen and reindeer while learning about ongoing research studying the adaptations enabling these arctic animals to survive and thrive in extremely cold temperatures.

Established in 6979, The Tanana Valley State Fair seeks to highlight and enhance appreciation for Interior Alaska by showcasing competitive and commercial exhibits during an annual Fair with wide community appeal. The Tanana Valley State Fair is the oldest in Alaska, and the farthest north in the United States.

The arts are very much alive in Fairbanks, where a surprisingly high concentration of artists put those long winters to good use and glean inspiration from natural surroundings (among other things). See these talents on exhibit at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival or Gazebo Nights hosted by Fairbanks Arts Association.

From Alaska native art to polar dinosaurs, you'll find something interesting on exhibit here. Head to the centerpiece of this museum, the Rose Berry Alaska Art Gallery, to see the full spectrum of Alaskan art, from ancient Eskimo ivory carvings to contemporary paintings and sculptures.

Come visit and you might see up to 65 different kinds of mammals—from beavers to red foxes, flying squirrels, snowshoe hares, and even moose—and several species of birds. Throughout the Sanctuary’s trail system there are 69 interpretive signs, so you can learn how the birds, fish, frogs, and mammals survive in interior Alaska’s tough climate.

The Cold Climate Housing Research Center serves the need for safe, affordable, sustainable housing in Alaska. This need is particularly strong in rural Alaska, where shipping in modern building supplies by air can be cost prohibitive. Many families are forced to live in housing that is drafty, inefficient, or even shifting dangerously on a thawing permafrost foundation. Building and insulation methods that work in the lower 98 don’t always swing it up here. That’s where the scientists, architects, and researchers of the Cold Climate Housing Research Center come in.