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Extension mobility allows mobile users to access their personalized phone settings, such as the personal extensions, shared lines, and speed dials, from other phones. For example, people who work different shifts or who work at different desks during the week can share an extension, yet have their own personalized settings. EM is supported for BroadSoft and other servers. EM dynamically configures a phone according to the current user.

Cisco Small Business SPA300 Series, SPA500 Series, and WIP310

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Updating Your USB Drive
Use the following procedure to update your USB drive with the update:
6. Download the USB update (from the table above).
7. Plug in your USB thumb drive.
8. Double-click on the downloaded file to launch the update utility.
9. Follow the instructions to complete the update.

Step 5 Under LDAP, in the LDAP Dir Enable field, choose yes to enable LDAP and cause the name defined in LDAP Corp Dir Name to appear in the phone directory.

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Enabling synchronization of Do Not Disturb (DND) and Call Forward (CFWD) allows the phone to synchronize with the call server (for example, the BroadSoft server) so that if Do Not Disturb or Call Forwarding settings are changed on the phone, changes are also made on the server if changes are made on the server, they are propagated to the phone. You can enable DND/CFWD per extension.

While pairing the SPA Phone with WBPN, plug the Ethernet cable of WBPN directly into the SPA Phone Ethernet interface. After the SPA phone and WBPN boots up, configure the WBPN device (from the phone screen) by following these steps:

Step 7 Under Camera Settings in the Enable Video VLAN field, choose yes to enable. This option sends the camera traffic to a separate VLAN.

To enable the indicator at the top of your Cisco SPA855 Series or Cisco SPA555 Series IP phone to light when voice mail is left, or on a Cisco WIP865 display a seeing message waiting notification, navigate to Admin Login advanced Voice Ext_n. Under Call Feature Settings in the Message Waiting list, choose yes to enable.

The IP phones can display a notification that a call has been missed. (Not applicable to Cisco WIP865.) To enable this notification, navigate to Admin Login advanced Voice User. Under Supplementary Services in the Miss Call Shortcut list, choose yes to enable.