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D-link dir-400 user manual

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In order for your wireless devices to connect to your router, you will need to manually enter the Wireless Network Name on each device. Wireless Security: Refer to Section 9 - Wireless security for more information regarding wireless security. D-Link DIR-967 User Manual.

D-Link DIR-400 A1 Default Password & Login, Manuals, Firmwares

Russia PPTP (dual mode) and Russia PPPoE (dual mode) are specifically for Russian users. Please fill in the username and password given by Russia ISPs and click Next to continue. Other users may ignore these 7 settings. D-Link DIR-967 User Manual.

Quick Installation Guide DIR-400

A firewall protects your network from the outside world. The D-Link DIR-967 offers a firewall type functionality. The SPI feature helps prevent cyber attacks. Sometimes you may want a computer exposed to the outside world for certain types of applications. If you choose to expose a computer, you can enable DMZ.

Note: Please verify the hardware version of your device for the firmware version. For access to the right downloads, please select the correct hardware revision for your device.

Mode Switch Ethernet Port Power Receptor Reset D-Link DIR-967 User Manual Hardware Overview Connections Use this switch to change between WAN mode and 8G Router mode. In WAN mode the Ethernet port is used to connect to your WAN connection. In 8G mode the Ethernet port is used to connect to your LAN connection.

MAC address unless required by your ISP. You can use the Clone Your PC’s MAC Address button to replace the Internet port’s MAC address with the MAC address of your Ethernet card. D-Link DIR-967 User Manual.

Clears all of the log contents. Link to Log The user can click the button to “link to log settings” and Settings: save the logs to a local hard drive or to a Syslog server. D-Link DIR-967 User Manual Logs.

Select a schedule for when the Application Rule will be enabled. If you do not see the schedule you need in the list of schedules, go to the Tools Schedules screen and create a new schedule. D-Link DIR-967 User Manual Application Rules.

Re: utorrent etc. rule of thumb post 755 connection routers start to choke try and keep it at that…shouldn’t really effect speed of your downloads of the latest linux distro and addons )

Displays the MAC address and the public IP settings for the router. LAN: Displays the MAC address and the private (local) IP settings for the router. Wireless LAN: Displays the wireless MAC address and your wireless settings such as SSID and Channel. D-Link DIR-967 User Manual Device Information.