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Carpet stair treads installation instructions

«Carpet stair treads installation instructions» in pictures.

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Scrub the staircase with oil soap formulated for wood and hot water. Use a toothbrush to remove dirt from the joints between tread and riser and around the bases of the balusters, and don't neglect the area under the lip of the tread. Wipe the stairs with a soft cloth and allow surfaces to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

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We've put together this short instructional video on how to install prefinished stair treads. To begin watching, click the image above

Stair Tread Installation

Start at the bottom and work your way up the steps so that you can add extra screws into treads from the back of the riser above it. Space the holes on the treads evenly since the wood filler will be visible after the steps are finished.

Measure each step individually and cut a quality carpet pad to fit each step and riser as shown. The pad should be cut to precisely fit between the tackless strips that you'll be nailing to the back of the tread and the bottom of the riser.

Fasten the carpet underneath the nosing of the tread with staples, and wrap the carpet around the nosing and over the tack strip at the back of the tread. Using a knee kicker, stretch the carpet tight to the back of the tread, and hold in place until staples can be applied to the back of the tread behind the tack strip. Using the kicker, stretch also over the side tack strips (if against a wall) by positioning the kicker to face the side wall and stretching in that direction.

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Step-by-step: How to refinished an open sided staircase using NuStair prefinished stair treads and our adjustable wooden balusters. Perfect for DIYers or contractors.

When you are satisified with the carpet placement, staple the carpet onto the riser just below the tread taking care not to staple through the fold. Wiggle the electric carpet tacker between the nap to hide the staple impressions.

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We continue measuring and cutting each tread and riser individually because there is likely some variance from step to step.