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Canon multipass c70 printer driver free download

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Your MultiPASS C75 requires no maintenance other than periodic cleaning, and replacement of BJ cartridges or BJ tanks. MultiPASS C75 -7 Periodic -9 • Cleaning the Outside of the MultiPASS -9 • Cleaning the MultiPASS C75’s -5 Cleaning Inside the Printer -5 Cleaning the Scanner -8.

MultiPASS C70 - Canon Europe

Printing on High Resolution Paper HR--76 Using the Paper Output -76 Using the Cleaning -77 Printing on Fabric Sheet FS--79 Printing on Banner -76 Chapter 6: Speed Dialling What is Speed Dialling?.6-7 Speed Dialling -7 One-Touch Speed -7 Coded Speed -7 Group -7.

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Message Error Code — RECEIVED IN FILE — REC’D IN MEMORY — START AGAIN #585 TRY AGAIN IN B/W — TX/RX CANCELLED — TX/RX NO. nnnn — TX/RX NO. nnnn SCANNING (Two messages toggle.) — WAIT COOLING Chapter 68 Cause Your PC was off and a Upload the document.

Dialling a Long Distance Number (With Pauses) When you dial or register a long distance number, you may need to insert a pause within and/or after the number. The length and location of the pause depends on the telephone system of your country. Follow the procedure below to dial a long distance number with pauses and send a document using regular dialling: Be sure to adjust the document feed lever before loading your.

Do not touch the round shaft, guide rail, or ribbon cable. Touching these parts may adversely affect operation of the unit and /or cause print quality deterioration. 8. Use a clean, soft, dry, lint-free cloth to remove any ink or paper debris from the unit’s interior, especially around the platen.

Follow this procedure if you want to stop receiving a fax before reception is completed: 6. Press Stop. Stop The MultiPASS C75 asks you to confirm that you want to cancel. CANCEL? AYES #NO YES=(A) NO=(#) 7. Press T to cancel receiving.

BJ Cartridge Guidelines The most important thing you can do to ensure the best possible print quality, as well as extend the life of your MultiPASS C75, is to take care of the MultiPASS C75’s BJ cartridges following these guidelines: Store BJ cartridges at room temperature.

Summary of Lists and Reports Shown below are the lists and reports that can be printed from your MultiPASS C75. Most of the lists and reports can be found in this section. However, you may also need to refer to other chapters for details on some of them.

Insert the envelopes with the print side up. Feed the top of the envelope (return address portion) into the multi-purpose tray first. Make sure the back flap is towards the multi-purpose tray. The MultiPASS C75 is now ready to print envelopes. Chapter 5 5-67 Paper Handling.

Colour Printing and Colour Copying Problems The MultiPASS C75 prints only in black. (You are printing from an application that supports colour printing but your output is black ink only.) The MultiPASS printer driver may not be selected. Make sure the MultiPASS is selected as the default printer in your application.