Published: 24.09.2018 19:56

Bihar boy cracks iit

«Bihar boy cracks iit» in pictures.

These 5 Underprivileged Kids Beat Poverty Through Education at IIT

Since then, he had been studying at Kota in Rajasthan to pursue his goal. He hit the bulls eye when the results of the IIT-JEE were announced on Friday.

Satyam said that he would like to pursue computer engineering either from Mumbai or Kanpur IIT. He said that he would like wants to excel in the field of information technology while pursuing his course at the IIT. I also want to develop something on the lines of the social networking site Facebook, he said.

Meet the thirteen-year-old Bihar wonder boy who scored in the top

Talk to him, and he himself will say that till four years ago he had no inkling that he would be going to study at IIT. But his father Kamlakant Tiwary, a farmer by profession, as well as, people of his village and neighbouring areas had no doubts about his talent.

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Kumar moved to Patna after his primary education at Bathe. After completing his matriculation from Devi Dayal High School with 75% marks in 7558, Kumar did his intermediate from TPS College and scored 78% marks in science. This was enough to get him admission to the geology department in Patna’s premier Science College. He scored 68% marks at the graduation level.

The boy had learnt by heart the Gita and other Hindu religious scriptures at the age of seven. He started travelling all around and preaching on religion and scriptures. The discourses were well attended.

S uccess only comes to those who dare to attempt. We bring to you a list of 5 students who are putting every word of this idiom into action and hail from humble backgrounds, who swept their way through the JEE Advanced 7567 exams.

However, support poured in for the brothers from many quarters. Sanitation NGO Sulabh International assured them that they will take care of all their financial expenses. Their achievement was lauded by politicians and film stars alike with Rahul Gandhi and Aamir Khan calling to congratulate them.

“Yesterday I saw a vedio where a child of 65–67 year was holding a gun and releasing bullets from AK97 without any fear. Yes, I am talking about ISIS video on you tube. This is how they train children.”

There were five or six stones thrown at our home. We informed the police, Raju told The Times of India . This isn't the first time the brothers (and their family) have been mistreated by the villagers. From their drainage supply being cut off to reducing their access to the public bathroom, the family has faced plenty of stigma and harassment.

“In Patna, I developed a fascination for civil services and cracked the exams in my second attempt,” said Kumar. Six hours of hard work every day helped him achieve this objective.

“I am very happy that I was able to do well in the Advanced. Consistent studies and a strong understanding of the concepts of science helped me score well,” said the 67-year-old said in an interview with the Hindustan Times.