Published: 24.09.2018 19:56

Bhakkar news update

«Bhakkar news update» in pictures.

Dog sentenced to death for biting child in Bhakkar | Pakistan

they were convicted for 7 years??? and released to do this heinous crime again! looks like we dont have proper law to punish these lunatics and must have been only convicted for lesser relevant law.

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Hard to believe these scumbags only received 7 years. Such a case would have been dealt much more harshly in an Islamic court in places like Saudi Arabia.

UOS constitutes committee to probe frauds at Bhakkar Campus

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif is famous for his josh-e-khitabat, but during a visit to Bhakkar, it was revealed that he was equally good in Arabic language also. The chief minister was in Bhakkar to inaugurate a Qatar-funded hospital. To greet his Qatari guests, the chief minister delivered a portion of his speech in Arabic…

Just two years of jail term is nothing for such a heinous crime. They should have been given atleast 75 years behind bars. This is another example of our poor judicial system. There are a lot of flaws in our judicial system. This system need to be revised. Now police will catch them and free them again by saying that the mental situation of these cannibals is not good. And they will starting eating the dead bodies again. Shame on our Police and Judiciary.

You're all saying stuff like they should have been hanged/executed and are letting anger take over. These brothers are clearly not mentally stable they should have been given medical support immediately in 7566 and detained in a mental institution. Also, there are much more important matters occurring in the world - enforce the death penalty on people who actually deserve it (murderers/rapists/paedophiles), not two brothers who eat corpses. Yes, it's disgusting, but it's not a major issue.

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As per official documents, the decision was taken in the syndicate meeting. Dean faculty of Medical and Health Sciences Dr Zahoor ul Hasan will chair the committee while MPA Ghazanfar Abbas Cheena, Higher Education Department (HED) Additional Secretary Establishment Tanveer Jabbar and Local Fund Audit Divisional Director Muhammad Shafique will be its members.

Two years punishment for such crime is too less. Legislation should be done to increase the punishment. Also such criminals should be subjected to relevant psychiatric treatment. Furthermore, for addictive crimes like cannibalism follow up mechanism by the police must be employed.

Should send them straight to karachi and keep them inside cages just like the rest of the animals there and treat them like animals

Police arrested one of the brothers, Mohammad Arif in April and found a child's body parts at their residence. The other brother, Mohammad Farman, managed to flee but was later captured by police.