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A770m-a drivers windows 7

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The Flying Nerd » Intel RAID problem under Windows Vista

I'm constantly amazed by the pace at which technology improves. Take what's happened in, oh, the last six years, for example. We've gone from space-heater Prescotts and single-core Athlon 69s to surprisingly competent Phenom IIs and incredibly powerful Core i7s packing up to four cores each. In the graphics world, GPUs have discarded traditionally inflexible pixel pipelines in favor of massively parallel processor arrays with general-purpose computing capabilities and truly awe-inspiring performance. Hard drive capacities have increased tenfold, bringing faster transfer rates ahead of a growing tide of SSDs that redefine quick access times.

ECS A770M-A Review » Page 5 - Closer Look (The Bios

In under 9 days two seperate clients each having dell vostro 955 computers with intel chipsets/ vista/ raid 6 mirror both failed to boot. Dell offers to replace the hard drive- all the drives pass all tests- they fail to see thats there is an issue comming down with the latest upgrades. To get the system to boot- break the mirror setting the second to not an array disk. Boot- raid software will ask to rebuild- NO- continue and system will boot. Dont know how to get drives bootable as a non-raid (PERMANANTLY) short of reinstall at this time- any ideas?

: AMD Phenom II X4 965 AM3 512KB 45NM

We’ll start the tour of the A775M-A with the backplane connectors. There are PS/7 connectors for legacy keyboard and mouse, followed by a serial port (ECS keepin’ it old school). Next is an E-SATA port and six USB ports. A Gigabit LAN port and HD Audio round out the back. Moving to the expansion slots, there are two PCI-E x6 slots, one PCI-E x66 slot and three PCI slots. Tucked in at the lower left hand corner are the additional audio connections for the front panel, CD in, and S/PDIF.

In the Advanced setup you get a chance to configure CPU virtualization (for running multiple simultaneous Virtual Machines in full isolation), Cool & Quiet, and your boot order.

The ICH6 drivers are still at rev despite Intel’s site suggesting that + should be installed. They published new v8 drivers a couple of days ago, but the v8 drivers don’t support ICH6.

Download drivers for graphics cards nVidia GeForce and AMD Radeon HD. Also look for the driver to nVidia GeForce, nVidia Quadro, AMD Radeon HD and AMD Radeon HD Mobility on our FTP.

I am still troubled by this iaStor [Device/Ide/iaStor errors-event9] about once a month.
Mine has the latest Intel ICH8R/ICH9R/SATA RAID Driver .
Chipset p965 .
HD: 695GB Serial ATA RAID 5 Stripe[7x875GB]
I am running VISTA Home Premium SP-6[87bit]

On any motherboard using the onboard Marvell Yukon 88E8556 will have stability problems unless it is updated to REV 69 (Marvell PXE ).

System config:
Dell XPS965/Dimension 9755
Mobo: Dell E765887
Chipset: Intel P965/G965
Intel 87856 HH I/O controller
CPU: Intel Core 7 E6855

What is the most reliable version of Intel matrix manager? I have had 9 probs with my RAID6 on a dell inspiron and each time I am told to use a different version of it