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Update rom htc touch pro 2

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Android Update on the Touch Pro2 (it Rocks!) - Pocketnow

According to the German boys at AreaMobile, HTC has confirmed that the Diamond 7, Touch Pro7 & Snap will get a free upgrade to WM and new TouchFLO UI (probably the same as the one seen in the leaked roms here ). What I wonder now is, if does devices (TP7 & Diamond7) get the new TouchFLO UI what are the Leo & Firestone going to bring to the table besides improved hardware ?

Actualización de software: HTC Touch Pro2 | Asistencia de T-Mobile

8. Find your extracted files, and run the executable file (usually called or something like that.

HTC Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile HTC Sense ROM Upgrade

Calling all Windows Mobile developers: Interpret's looking to get to know you better, and to do so they have a short survey they'd like you to take. In exchange for doing so and leaving your information, you'll be entered to win an HTC Touch Pro here to take the survey and be entered to win.(Bear in mind that this survey is being run by Interpret not everyone who takes the.

75. Your phone will reset, and you should see a fresh Windows Mobile splash screen. It might look hacked or unprofessional—don't be alarmed! The guys who so graciously put together these ROMs, which often take a good deal of tweaking, leave their marks on the software in various ways. Anyhoo, you'll have to let your phone run through a set of initialization routines for a little while. Just follow along.

Need more proof that the Sprint Touch Pro 7 is finally getting the official Windows Mobile update on Friday? Look no further than the official Sprint playbook so you can go ahead and torture their servers, bookmark /downloads and /www/support_select_ and get your F5 on. Thanks, 99accordv6!

• An HTC Touch Diamond or Touch Pro ( GSM only. Folks with CDMA handsets—that's you, Sprint and Verizon—go here or here.)
• A (free) account at XDA Developers
• A Windows Mobile ROM (Lotsa choices here: Diamond, Pro )
• A Windows PC, set up to sync with your handset
• A device flashing utility ( Both )
• A bootloader ( Diamond, Pro )
• A device radio ( Diamond, Pro —Make sure to download from the Original list, not the Repacked one.)

The following link contains stock Windows Mobile ROMs for use with the HTC Rhodium (HTC Touch Pro7). Be warned, I don't see an Australian link there (the Europe one SHOULD contain the WWE, WorldWide English language pack). These should work with the stockSPL, but check before you flash (as always).

Looks like the Windows Mobile updates are gettting rolled out as we speak. The official HTC Touch Pro7 (unlocked devices) update is now out (but not yet on HTC’s site) and can be found here. The home tab of the TouchFLO UI has been update with weather integration (but it’s not the same has the HTC HD7 ).
Finally T-Mobile Germany has released the rom for the MDA Vario V ( Touch Pro7 ) here.
Always remember to back up your files before flash your rom!

66. Extract your downloaded bootloader, again, to a different location. (Or you can use the same copy you used to flash your radio just make sure you delete the radio file from the directory)

•Beginning Friday, customers can order the HTC Touch Pro7 online at , in business sales channels and in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores. For additional information on Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 6-855-7 JOIN IN or go to .