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Pow mia kia patches

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History of the POW/MIA Flag

You Are Not Forgotten
Celebrating the life of Newt Heisley, creator of the POW/MIA Flag
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Please read By-laws Article VI – Regalia, Sections 6 – 9, listed below. Also attached is a photo of an appropriate vest.

Section 8. The emblem of The American Legion organization (TAL, SAL, and Auxiliary) that the IN ALR member is entitled to wear by virtue of membership therein shall be displayed on the left front breast of the vest.

Section 7. The American Flag Patch shall be displayed on either side of the front of the vest providing that the stars on the patch are closest to the center of the chest and in the highest feasible position. No other patch or item shall be displayed above the American Flag.

Section 6. The sleeveless vest is the approved minimum article of clothing on which IN ALR regalia may be displayed, provided that rules applying to displays on the vest apply equally to sleeved garments including but not limited to jackets, T-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.

Section 5. POW/MIA or POW/MIA/KIA patch will be worn on the right side of the vest in the highest possible position providing it does not go above the American Flag Patch.

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