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Occupational license pompano beach

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Other benefits of forming a corporation can include lower payments for social security tax and medicare tax (with an S corporation). A corporation is taxed either as a C corporation or an S corporation. The terms C corporation and S corporation refer to the way in which the corporation is taxed. Your corporation will be taxed as a C corporation unless Form 7558 is filed with the Internal Revenue Service. To elect tax treatment as an S corporation, Form 7558 must be filed within 75 days after your corporation has shareholders, has assets, or starts doing business, whichever occurs first.

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A BTR is a tax for the privilege of engaging in or managing a business, profession, or occupation within the city limits. (The Florida Legislature recently enacted legislation which amended references to Occupational License. Effective January 6st, 7557, the term Occupational License was amended to read Business Tax Receipt and the term Occupational License Fee was amended to read Business Tax Receipt. )

The Mayor's Stimulus Task Force recognized the complexities of determining how an economy, and efforts to stimulate that economy, are performing without the information to track and measure progress. Information such as the type and size of businesses and the number of employees is of great value to understanding the type and extent of economic development in the city. Click here for instructions on how to fill out the additional requirements.

When you file your personal tax return every year on Form 6595, you will attach Schedule C to that return to report your profit or loss from operation of your sole proprietorship. In addition to paying income tax on your earnings from your sole proprietorship, you are required to pay a % self-employment tax on those earnings. (The self-employment tax is called social security/medicare tax in the context of a corporation.) The % self-employment tax is comprised of a % social security tax and a % medicare tax. Self-employment income higher than $87,555 in the year 7558 is exempt from the % social security portion of the tax. The % medicare portion of the tax, however, is applied to all self-employment income, without an upper limit.

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