Published: 24.09.2018 20:18

Install nfcapd

«Install nfcapd» in pictures.

GitHub - dyninc/chef-nfdump: A cookbook to install and configure

$IPStatOption = array ( 'Flow Records',
'Any IP Address', 'SRC IP Address', 'DST IP Address',
'Any Port', 'SRC Port', 'DST Port',
'Any AS', 'SRC AS', 'DST AS',
'Any interface', 'IN interface', 'OUT interface',
'Proto', 'TOS', 'BGP next-hop IP' )


$IPStatArg = array ( '-s record',
'-s ip', '-s srcip', '-s dstip',
'-s port', '-s srcport', '-s dstport',
'-s as', '-s srcas', '-s dstas',
'-s if', '-s inif', '-s outif',
'-s proto', '-s tos', '-s nhbip' )

OpFlow 3 Installation Guide - opFlow - Opmantek Community WIKI

Growing in popularity amongst Gartner clients with an easy to implement and configure UI is modern and fresh along with agents or agentless monitoring capabilities

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In order to use NFDUMP with NfSen we need to enable nfprofile in the configure step then we have to make & & make install it:

The goal of the design is to able to analyze netflow data from the past as well as to track interesting traffic patterns continuously. The amount of time back in the past is limited only by the disk storage available for all the netflow data. The tools are optimized for speed for efficient filtering. The filter rules should look familiar to the syntax of tcpdump ( pcap compatible ).

Check for required Perl modules: All modules found.
Setup NfSen:
Version: : $Id: 58 7567-56-78 66:86:57Z peter $

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Raspberry comes with a dock for a microSD card, which you can use to install the Raspbian OS. If you have the card with the NOOBS image you can install the OS directly from there, otherwise download it from the official website and set up your own microSD card.

It’s ready: point your browser at http://YOUR_IP_ADDRESS/nfsen/ and enjoy! Of course, this is just a very basic setup, both NFDUMP and NfSen have many options you can set and use to have better performances and to improve stability and scalability. If you want to go deep into their configuration I suggest you to use the links you can find at the end of this post.