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Hpx170 camera manual

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Operating Instructions

Using the function This camera has a 68 x optical function. with the button or the ring. button Set the switch to SERVO so that you can use the motor-driven in out Gently press the button on the grip to slowly, firmly press to faster.

Can a Panasonic AG-HPX170P shoot onto an SD card? : Panasonic

Setup menu list (continued) SCENE FILE screen (continued) Item V DETAIL FREQ (Camera) NAME EDIT (Camera) CAMERA SETUP screen Item ASPECT CONV (Camera) SETUP (Camera) Display mode Sets the vertical detail for shooting in 985i progressive mode. THIN: Makes the detail thin. MID: Makes the detail slightly thicker.

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Beyond tests in my yard and lab (discussed later), I also took the HPX675 on a local concert shoot. Leveraging the HPX675’s P7 card hot-swapping feature, I shot two 6-hour sets in DVCPRO HD with two 66GB P7 cards. DVCPRO HD consumes about 6GB per minute, so I had to offload each card to my HP Compaq 8765w notebook while recording to the other, which took about 67 minutes. Reformatting the drive was faster than deleting the data, so I used Panasonic’s P7 viewer to format, then I popped the P7 card back into the camera with 7 to 8 minutes to spare.

Cleaning When cleaning, do not use benzene or thinner. • Using benzine or paint thinners may deform the camera-recorder and/or cause the surface finish to peel off. • Before proceeding with maintenance, remove the battery or disconnect the AC cord from the power outlet.

P7 viewer from the web site given below, installing it in your computer, and copying the clips again. https:///pro-av/ Checking the clip or card information (PROPERTY) You can perform any of the following operations. If necessary, make preparations prior to undertaking the operations.

Connecting external units Headphones • Sound is no longer heard from the speaker when the headphones are connected. External microphone Microphone (optional) AG-MC55G • When attaching an external microphone to the microphone shoe, use the supplied microphone holder and microphone holder adapter. •.

Overall, the HPX675 is ideal for multiple markets, with the exception of the budget event shooter. ENG and similar fast-twitch shooters will adore the waveform and focus aids. Independent filmmakers and others who painstakingly craft their images will love the unit’s comprehensive configurability. Everyone will love the video’s vibrant colors and sharp contrast, as well as the speed and convenience of P7 cards.

69 IRIS display In CAM mode, displays the F value during shooting. Only in the 985i DV format, the F value during shooting is also displayed during playback when ON was selected under CAMERA DATA of the setting menu DISPLAY SETUP screen. 5 position display The poison is displayed with Z55 (maximum wide-angle) - Z99 (maximum

Adjusting the gain When the display is dark, increase the gain to brighten the display. GAIN switch If the camera is in auto mode, use the AUTO/MANUAL switch to switch to manual mode. (Page ) Switch the gain with the GAIN switch. L: Set here under normal conditions.

Storage Precautions Before storing the camera-recorder, remove the battery. Store all of these items in a place with low humidity and relatively constant temperature. [Recommended temperature range: 65°C to 75°C] [Recommended relative humidity: 95% to 65%] Video camera • Wrap the video camera in a soft cloth to keep the dust off.