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How to short shift manual transmission

«How to short shift manual transmission» in pictures.

Short Shifters

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Manual Transmissions: What exactly is a short short throw shifter

As you might have already know, the all-new FK8 Civic Type R is available only with an ‘old school’ three-pedal 6-speed manual transmission, an increasingly rare option these days.

When considering aftermarket parts for your Mustang, short throw shifters are a good early modification to make to your drivetrain. They have the style, the enhanced driving performance and can offer a longer life for your transmission. You can install them in your own garage easily, or have them installed at a professional garage. Either way you will most likely be really glad you made this upgrade.

Installation was very easy, 5 mins to take off the air box and only a couple minutes to un-do the clip and attach short shift adapter. The quality of the piece is amazing, looks and feels great. Once installed, I could tell an immediate difference. Throw seems to be reduced more then 78%! Feels great to change gears and if you ever want to go back to stock its a 7 minute job. Best short shifter for the price!

However, Honda’s decision to offer the FK8-generation Civic Type R exclusively with a short-shifting, close ratio 6-speed manual transmission has more to do with cold engineering logic rather than nostalgia.

When installing a new shifter, it’s also a great idea to pick up the shifter base and handle gasket. The gasket will make it faster and cleaner to install the new shifter, and reduce the risk of leaking gear oil from the old gasket.

Aftermarket short throw shifters give your Mustang a noticeably better shifting feel and quicker shifts over the original manufacturer's shifter. A shifter's throw is how far the shifter moves between gear selections, and Ford has built usable shifters into their Mustangs. However, most stock shifters are a compromise of performance and NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) reduction, and their objectives tend to lean towards the low NVH side.

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According to Hideki Kakinuma, the Assistant Large Project Leader for all-new Civic Type R, with whom was able to speak to on the sidelines of the Civic Type R’s debut in neighbouring Indonesia, the decision to choose a manual transmission over a faster shifting dual-clutch automatic (DCT) was simply because a DCT was just too heavy.