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Guitar patches korg ax1500g

«Guitar patches korg ax1500g» in pictures.

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[As I said in the article, digital sound processing has come a long way and I think we’ll see more and more units over the coming years that seriously challenge analog sounds. Personally I think we’ll see that guitarists will combine digital and analog more and more. However, I don’t believe in a situation where digital will dominate over analog – we learned that in the 85s. One thing is producing convincing digital effects but there’s a long way from that to producing units that will fully replicate the acoustics and resonance of a speaker cabinet and allow multiple simulated mic placements that aren’t restricted to default setups. – Bjorn]

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So, In my opinion its not about getting just the MODELER (even the great Axe-fx) and running in trough the PA…you will need a special amp or dedicated speakers.. so.. this ruins the whole concept behind portability of the digital processors, because if I have to bring the modeler + special speakers + another dedicated amp for those speakers or the modeler+specializaed amp… I prefer to carry my Mesa/Boogie and my pedalboard..

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[Digital processors are of course convenient and not least money saving. As you point out one can create patches and basically fine tweak a setup for each song. However, one should consider these processors as any other pedal. Although there are more effects it’s just not possible to cover everything. Just like a pedal that might not suit David’s tones. Cheers! – Bjorn]

I have recently started playing with Pink Floyd revival. I have Fender Blues Jr and some good pedals. But it is very hard to achieve Gilmour’s tone during some song, I have to switch sometimes three pedals between verses and solos. It’s more dancing on pedalboard than playing:) (Midi controllers are quite expensive…) So I decide to TRY something from digital word. Eleven rack. Has anyone experience with it? It’s said to be better than Line6 stuff. Thanks!

Keep in mind too that volume is a key element for great sounding tones. Set your amp sims first and then add the effects. Match their volume as you would with a real amp and analog stompboxes. More on that here.

The new PXR9 packs serious recording power into a compact, ultra-portable package. High-quality digital recording and playback, comprehensive editing including trick features like time compression and expansion, tons of great sounding digital effects, even a built-in mic'. The PXR9 delivers everything you need to record, mix and edit your songs from start to finish.

It’s a interesting article, even though it’s meant for Bass players, but also shows a frequency graph of a HiWatt (Reeves) Tone stack. As I stated previously, ultimately set your EQ to what YOU think, sounds best, and be objective about everything you hear. Even coming from my mouth!

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[Hi Mark. Thanks a lot for your kind words! Glad you enjoy my site :) It’s definitely possible to get great tones with budget gear. I always try to stress that it’s technique and practice that matter and not the gear. Knowing your gear and how to use it will get you far no matter what you’re using. Cheers! – Bjorn]

That even when you just connect your POD HD555 to your PA.. what speakers are you going to use? If its like in my experience (I owned a GT8 a few years back..great unit for those in cover bands), you are going to use the main speakers, the same that runs the vocals, and the keyboards. Very few people hang out with a crossover or dedicated speakers for each instrument.