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Gl1500 service manual free download

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ESSENTIAL INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS Cruise Control Switch • The Cruise Control automates the function of the throttle to maintain your motorcycle at a constant speed. This can be a convenience on long trips, but it can also be a danger if there are any other vehicles on the road or if the road is un- familiar.

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PARTS LOCATION Trunk Side Pocket Trunk Main Fuse A Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir Saddlebag Main Fuse B Final Drive Rear Brake Cooling Front Brake Pedal Oil Filler Cap Caliper.

Honda Goldwing GL1500 1994 Service Manual- | Exhaust

MAINTENANCE TOOL KIT The tool kit is in the saddlebag. Some roadside repairs, minor adjustments and parts replacement can be performed with the tools contained in the kit. • mm Feeler gauge • Breaker bar • mm Feeler gauge •.

CONTENTS OPERATION Page Page 6 MOTORCYCLE SAFETY Helmet Holders Safe Riding Rules Travel Trunk And Protective Apparel Saddlebags Modifications Fairing Pockets Loading and Accesso- Trunk Side Pockets ries Windshield Height Ad- justment 9 PARTS LOCATION Headlight Beam Instruments and Indi- justment cators Ventilation Louvers.

OPERATION STARTING THE ENGINE • Never run the engine in a closed area. The exhaust con- tains poisonous carbon monoxide gas that can cause loss of consiousness and may lead to death. • Do not flood the engine by twisting the throttle repeatedly. The carburetor has an accelerator pump.

HANDL~BAR LEFT CONTROLS DISPLAY Search Lever/Tape '$ 6'#6 AMB. Program Direction Muting Switch Selector ST.' '~'·t,r, fe· RADIO/CASSETTE DECK Headset/Speaker Mode Radio/Cassette Butson Button Channel Button Ambience Button AM/FM Band -+--+--+-i----H-+~ Memory Button Button I c==-Hl-+9-f- ~-------------' Cassette Lid --6---+--+-+- Fast-forward And, r - - - - - - - H f + - Rewinding Button.

• Keep hands and clothing away from the cooling fan, as it starts atltomatically. If the reserve tank is empty, or if coolant loss is excessive, check for leaks and see your authorized Honda dealer for repair. Reserve Tank Dipstick.

BRAKING This motorcycle is equipped with a unified braking system. Depressing the brake pedal applies the rear brake and the left front disc. Operating the brake lever applies the right front disc. For full braking effectiveness, use both the pedal and lever simultaneously, as you would with a conventional motorcycle brake system.

Proper wheel balance is necessary for safe, stable handling of the motorcycle. Do not remove or change any wheel balance weights. When wheel balancing is required, see your authorized Honda dealer. Wheel balancing is required after tyre repair or replacement. •.

NOISE CONTROL SYSTEM (AUSTRALIA ONLY) TAMPERING WITH NOISE CONTROL SYSTEM PROHIBITED Owners are warned that the law may prohibit: (a) The removal or rendering inoperative by any person other than for purposes of maintenance, repair or replacement, of any device or element of design incorporated into any new vehicle for the purpose of noise control prior to its sale or delivery to the ultimate purchaser or while it is in use .