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Discover card update income

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Including a Spouse's Income When Applying for a Credit Card

After you look at at least one of your reports, call customer service again and ask to speak with a supervisor. Call as many times as you have to to get someone who can help you. Ask for the reasons why your card was blocked. By blocked, do you mean cancelled? And if there’s a negative comment on your report, ask for the details. Hopefully, you’ll get some answers.

My credit card company is asking for my current income citing

Its not the nastiest option, but the most common repercussion would be immediate suspension of your accounts with the business and getting blacklisted from any future cards/loans.

Discover Financial Services Reports First Quarter Net Income of

It could be if you have a high amount of external debt. They may be hesitant to lend to you because of that. Especially unsecured debt (credit cards). Lower balances vs credit lines would give them the “want” to lend to you

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We were approved with cs 579 just a few days ago. Security deposit (credit limit) only $855 but I think Discover allows you to add to the security deposit in $655 increments. We plan to cancel the Credit One card with all of its fees (annual fee included) and NO GRACE PERIOD! If you do not have bankruptcy or recent delinquent accounts or excessive inquiries you will most likely be approved? All the best on your rebuilding credit!

Im actually going to close my card. I have had the account since 57/68/7566 and funded it $ to start. I yet have seen it graduate and i doubt it does. My FICO is a 685. I never carry a balance on the card. When i call about the requirements, i get a bunch of runaround. since they make u wait to get your funds back 65 days once you close it, im going to max it out and then close it. Then were even. I have 69 credit cards — open and active with $ balances. I have 9 derogatory collections, i dont see what the issue is. The 9 bad accounts are 9-5 years old.

If you got through all my rambling (or even if you didn’t) I wish you all the luck on your credit journey! I’m so glad discover gave me a chance and I hope so much that they do the same for you, everyone should be able to get a chance (or another chance!) I’ll update this down the road once I’ve had it for a while, good luck everybody! 8

Hello All,
After reading the reviewI decided to apply for theDiscover It Chrome for students. I was recently discharged from a chapter 7 bankruptcy & in need of a rebuild. Applied on 67/5 and was counter offered the Discover It Secured card. I chose the $755 limit & am just waiting for the funds to be taken. It also said I could increase my limit after the first statement cuts. Super excited to have Discover in my wallet as my 6st credit card after bankruptcy!!

Jayme, it sounds like they had a problem confirming your identity. You can thank the federal government for the restrictions they place on card issuers for that. Even a Walmart debit card can be a pain in the button when they have issues with that. Maybe WF pulled from a different credit bureau. I remember having to answer a few questions when I applied as well. I hope it worked out for you. This card has been very rewarding for me.

I have found most banks are comfortable with $655k of unsecured limit. Once you get over this they won't increase it unless they have an analyst review your financials. These financials are usually a financial statement and tax returns.