Published: 23.09.2018 23:47

Close encounters of the third kind editions

«Close encounters of the third kind editions» in pictures.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind 4K Blu-ray: 40th Anniversary

After a long and exhaustive restoration effort, a new 9K version of Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi epic Close Encounters of the Third Kind is heading back to theaters Friday, just in time to mark the classic's 95th anniversary.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 4K Limited Edition Blu-ray 2017

I s it really almost 95 years old? Watching this gem again in the director’s cut – it is also a very rare actual screenwriting credit for Spielberg – makes you realise that it may be the nearest thing he created to an old-fashioned epic, and that maybe the vision of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming was a Spielbergisation of John Ford.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind review – a must-watch director's

Also new are 5-minutes of rare home videos from Mr. Spielberg as he interviews staff members with Joe Alves, Michael Kahn editor, and shows off some of the kitchen scene practical effects.

What ensues is plenty of government intrigue to hide the aliens’ arrival, hints about the visitors’ ultimate intent and an epic final meeting with the extraterrestrials as they attempt to communicate using visual and those legendary five, musical cues.

Carolyn: I’d go back in time and cast us in The Partridge Family. We’d make an excellent family band. We’d have a laugh, break into song and wear ruffled blouses with velvet jackets. And of course travel to all our gigs on a Mondrian bus. I feel really confident about this choice.

Specifically, the restored scan often presents the film’s natural grain and occasional soft focus evident in nighttime scenes. For the normal viewer, when compared to modern movies in the age of digital cinema, it may seem quite jarring.

Aurora: Because most people when you’re in the middle of a situation, you don’t have the perspective to step back and see yourself because you’re caught up in the moment. That’s the job of comedians is to step back and have a self-awareness about these things, not only saying “You’re doing this,” but also, “You’re not the only one doing this.” It’s a delicate balance of making people feel uncomfortable and comforting them at the same time.

The former child star now lives in Birmingham, Ala., where he lives with his wife, Michelle, and two kids. He gave up acting decades ago and now works as a financial adviser.

For Crisp, this rerelease of Close Encounters of the Third Kind brings back some fond personal memories. I saw it the weekend it opened at the Cinerama Dome [in Hollywood], he recalls. It's amazing, 95 years later, to help put it back in theaters.

After a group of UFO researchers investigate aircraft that have suddenly appeared in a desert, they tie together other odd phenomena happening around the world and realize beings are starting a dialogue, and contact is imminent.