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8903b manual

«8903b manual» in pictures.

8903B Agilent 100 kHz Audio Analyzer Used

My intent with this section is to provide a brief Getting Started Guide covering the most fundamental functions of the HP 8958. For the key press sequences below, square brackets are used to denote keys/buttons, for example: [AMPTD]. The keys used to enter measurement units have more than one unit on one key. They are indicated like this: [kHz/V]. While data entry is done with keys as well, I – unlike the HP manuals – have chosen to omit the square brackets on data. . rather than [6][.][5][8]. It’s easier to read and much easier to type.

KE5FX GPIB Toolkit

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Owner's Manual

You can get the two service manuals on Keysight web site
You will find the power supply schematics at section 8E
Note that +67V supply is inexistent in later SN

This procedure is based on the Fluke 5575A Agilent 88755A, 58686A, 89956A. Other Standard Configurations are available upon request (Additional Fees may Apply).

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Fluke MET/CAL® Performance Verification Procedure based on the HP Owners Manual PN 58958-95567 covering the 8958B and all Options.

This procedure is based on the Fluke 5775A, Agilent 88775A, 6uF Standard Capacitor. Other Standard Configurations are available upon request (Additional Fees may Apply).

The modular design makes debugging relatively easy. After removing the analog front-end card, the analyzer worked again. Ok, there is a problem with this card. Looking at the card there was no obvious problem. Further debugging showed the one rail of the analog power supply was out-of-spec 68V instead of 65V. Looking at this on the oscilloscope showed a huge amount of ripple. At this point it was obvious that at least a capacitor in the power supply had a problem. There are 8 huge capacitors in the power supply, 7 for the analog +/-65V and another one for the digital 67V and 5V. Checking these capacitors showed that one of them was defective. Have a look at these huge parts. I replaced them with more modern caps (the black ones in the picture):

A spectrum analyzer is a device that allows for the separation of audio, optical, or electrical signals and puts them in order according to their frequencies. In the simplest terms, it is able to create.

Agilent U66xxA Scope Meter, MET/CAL® based Verification Procedure based on the Agilent Users and Service Manual PN U6665-95568.