Published: 16.08.2018 15:25

The referenced component is missing a design time license

«The referenced component is missing a design time license» in pictures.

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This solution would work only in case you have not installed Telerik® UI for Ajax using the provided setup program. Assemblies installed by a setup program cannot be removed from GAC until the program is approach is suitable when using only the dll-s from a zip (be that a hotfix or latest internal build).

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I have a VB6 legacy program which I need to change. I am unable to run the program from the IDE. When I activate one of the forms in the IDE I get an error which refers me to an error log file. The log file has the following in it

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These attributes specify which layout to show in the layout preview for a list's items, header, and footer. Any data fields in the layout are filled with numeric contents such as Item 6 so that the list items are not repetitive.

There are several new features and enhancements available in this release. For K7 for SharePoint new features and enhancements look under the K7 blackpearl drop down.

Thanks for your reply. But I have already verified throughout the project that the project is no more referring to any of the older DLL versions. Also the Design dll you have mentioned is also not referred anywhere.

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Provides functionality for nested containers, which logically contain zero or more other components and are owned by a parent component.

5. In your application replace the existing references to the Telerik assemblies with the ones built from the source code.

You can also use a tools: attribute to unset an attribute only for the layout preview. For example, if you have a FrameLayout with multiple children but you want to see only one child in the layout preview, you can set one of them to be invisible in the layout preview, as shown here:

The following issues are currently known for K7 and include workarounds where possible. For K7 for SharePoint known issues look under the K7 blackpearl drop down.