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How to install gas fireplace blower

«How to install gas fireplace blower» in pictures.

Are gas logs warm without a blower? (my fireplace, furnace, heaters

Your wall switch may be in child proof mode. When this is set, only the arrows will have functionality. The appliance can enter child proof mode when the fireplace is on or off.

GFK-160A Blower System

Please see the detailed instructions below. In addition, your local dealer can provide the proper equipment and resources to assist you with this.
Instructions for battery replacement and remote programming
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Pleasant Hearth Vent-Free Fireplace Blower-GFB100 - The Home

If there is there a breeze or wind blowing it can cause negative pressure and an unwanted down draft and smoking. Please consult your manual for other helpful tips.

No, with today’s venting options, direct vents can go literally anywhere in the home. The vent can terminate vertically through the roof or horizontally through an exterior wall. Your local dealer will be happy to assist you in determining the best venting option for your particular layout.

Noise levels can increase with a gas fireplace blower, but the better models have this reduced to almost a whisper. One of the comforts of a fireplace in the old days was the pleasant sound of the hiss and crackling of the wood, which made you feel even more protected, so a little noise should be more than acceptable to an average home dweller.

* He also said that we (can’t -or can ) have a direct vent gas insert but must remove the current fireplace and install a new direct vent fireplace if we want one. To do this he has to open the chimney from outside and install the direct vent fire place this way.
– I think he is on target in his assessment

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Minimum sizing is determined by consulting the measurements provided in the installation manual. Your local dealer will provide assistance in properly sizing your gas log set.

** Note: Some valve assemblies may be inverted in their brackets. If yours appears to be the mirror image of picture #9, then the word PILOT will be in the 67 o'clock position to light the pilot, and ON will be set to the 67 o'clock position to turn on your main burner.

Shut off the circuit breaker and use a voltage sniffer to confirm the power is off. Don’t just use the wall switch. Then open the bottom grille. If it doesn’t look like you’ll have enough room to remove the blower, try removing the front panel (Photo 6). Next, clean the area in front of the blower with a shop vacuum (Photo 7).