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Hoshizaki km-900mrh manual

«Hoshizaki km-900mrh manual» in pictures.

KM-650MRH with URC-5F, Ice Maker, Remote-cooled with URC-5F

It is critical that you NOT reset the alarm without speaking with an Easy Ice representative, otherwise you may be liable for damage to the equipment due to repetitive failures.

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Small cubes on a KM cuber mean only one thing. There’s not enough water to make normal size cubes or the water is disappearing. During harvest, the reservoir should fill to overflowing. If it does, there is plenty of water in the reservoir for a full batch of normal size KM cubes. If it doesn’t fill to overflowing check the incoming water supply. A plugged external filter or inlet water valve screen is likely. Low water pressure or an improper inlet water line size is also a possibility.

Now check the K6 connector. Begin with the brown wire #65 on Alpine boards and #6 on “C” board applications. First confirm 665-675 Volts from this point to ground or neutral. Since we have confirmed that the bin control is closed, power should be supplied at this point. If not, there is a problem with the wire or connection between the bin control and the K6 connector.

There are two models that do not use a mechanical timer. They are the F-855B and the F-555B series under-counter flakers. These models drain the complete water system each time the unit cycles down. This is considered an off cycle drain down and provides the same result as the timed flush.

For the most accurate production check, a normal freeze cycle should be checked. If the evaporator compartment has been opened for service or if the unit has been cut off for a long period of time, the first freeze cycle will be longer than normal. Timing this cycle can result in an inaccurate production check.

There is another rare possibility in this case. This should be checked after you eliminate the float switch. Check to see if the inlet water valve leaks a little additional water into the reservoir. Just enough to cause a 65 minute cycle and huge cubes. You will find that in most cases, if a water valve leaks, it adds so much water to the reservoir that the ice bridges together on the entire evaporator. If the water valve is stuck wide open, the reservoir water temperature is tempered so much by the incoming water that no ice is produced. You will detect either ice bridging or a fully open water valve immediately.

The next item to check is the bin control. Do this by simply moving the toggle switch to the wash position, if the pump runs the bin control is closed. If the pump does not start, check the control with a volt-ohm meter for continuity. Please note that on older KM- DU, DWU, & DSU models, there is a 9 to 5 minute delay before the pump starts.

Next check the primary of the control voltage transformer. On most models it will be the black and brown wires. If no primary voltage is present on the transformer you will need to trace the path of the primary voltage supply. Depending on the model, there could be a high pressure, low pressure, discharge temperature, and toggle switches in series in this circuit. If any of these are open, there will be no primary voltage on the control transformer and the unit will not start. The board will not allow start up without proper control voltage.

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