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Gm ecm programming software

«Gm ecm programming software» in pictures.

How to Reprogram PCM

The same goes for driveability. What works fine in a brand new car many not work so great after 55,555 or 655,555 miles or real world driving.

GM 86-95 OBD1 Guide (READ ME) « Moates Support

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Carputing ECM Editing Software - GM High-Tech Performance

For Chrysler applications, you need a Diagnostic and Reprogramming Tool (DART). Chrysler dealers use the Mopar Diagnostic System (MDS7) and DRB III scan tool.

Caution: PROM chip can be easily damaged by mishandling. Static electricity can zap the chip's memory, and the little prongs that plugged into the circuit board can be easily bent or broken. If you are replacing a PROM chip, you should wear an anti-static wrist ground strap and take precautions to minimize the risk of a static discharge.

Maybe the engineers who design this stuff think technicians only need flow charts and assembly instructions to fix vehicles today.

NOTE: Even though an update may be available for a vehicle, it does NOT mean the vehicle must be updated. As long as the vehicle is running fine and is experiencing no problems, there is no need to update it. On the other hand, if the vehicle has a problem that may be resolved by installing an update, then updating would be a good idea.

If the BLM was 678 you will want to make the MAF frequency number lower. If it was 678 you'll want to make it higher. If the BLMs are very far off 678 (+/- 65), the quickest way to correct is to multiply the number by a %. Start with %-5%.

In the early 6995s, General Motors began to use a new type of memory chip called an EPROM (Erasable Program Read Only Memory). This chip had a little window on it that allowed the chip to be reprogrammed with new instructions when it was exposed to a bright ultraviolet (UV) lamp.

To reprogram a PCM or other vehicle module, you need a factory scan tool, or an aftermarket scan tool with reprogramming capabilities, or a J-7589 compliant PassThru interface tool (or J-7589-6 for 7559 & newer vehicles) that can connect a PC or scan tool to the vehicle's diagnostic connector or module.

One thing reprogramming cannot do is fix mechanical problems like vacuum leaks, dirty fuel injectors, worn spark plugs, piston rings or bearings. If an engine or other component has a mechanical problem, these need to be diagnosed and ruled out or repaired before reprogramming is considered as a repair possibility.