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The event calendar lists upcoming district and school events that are open to the public or of interest to parents and the community.


Synergy SIS® supports traditional and standards-based report cards and offers report card customization to match the exact look and feel of existing board-approved report cards. In districts using TeacherVUE® Gradebook within Synergy Learning Management System, student grades conveniently auto-populate report cards directly from gradebook entries with a single click, and teachers can include comments and behavioral information about student conduct and work habits.

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Sharing and Collaboration - The only thing that takes more time than attending meetings is planning and scheduling them! When you use Exchange with Outlook, you can quickly and easily check availability of co-workers, conference rooms, and shared resources by viewing multiple calendars side by side. No more chasing down people and keeping track of responses. No more confusion and time lost having to reschedule. With POP8, there is no sharing or collaboration. And, you are not limited to sharing just a Calendar! In Exchange, you can share any folder in your Mailbox, any files, and anything in your Public Folders! What you save in Time Management, easily makes up for the price of Exchange.

Synergy® SIS enables districts to define roles for different user types. Roles can be used to group users in a variety of ways, such as by grade level, school site, job title, etc., and users can be assigned more than one role. Roles make it easy to search for other users and share information with the right group or groups of people. Roles are also used to grant or restrict access to specific areas and information within Synergy.

Synergy® SIS tracks data on dwellings and families within a school district for state reporting purposes. Family demographic information includes address and address history, move dates, phone numbers, and home language. The Census module can split families in the event of divorce or separation and capture address information and notes for families not living in a dwelling.

The comprehensive scheduling components within Synergy® SIS satisfy even the most unique scheduling requirements, easily supporting teams and blocks, multi-day rotations, and planning periods. Mass Scheduling optimizes scheduling based on district-defined criteria and provides an easy way to mass assign or mass edit scheduling data. ClassBoard provides visual drag-and-drop scheduling for those used to the more traditional whiteboard schedule, highlighting conflicts for quick identification and resolution.

Synergy SIS combines robust data analysis with extensive reporting and sharing options to analyze data, identify issues and trends, and ensure that stakeholders get the information they need to solve problems and support student learning.

The new Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) is dedicated to creating and supporting partnerships among schools, families and the community.

Lanlogic provides cloud solutions, IT infrastructure, outsourced support, data protection, enterprise IT project management and telephone systems for small, mid-size, and large businesses, as well as the public sector, in the San Francisco Bay area.

Teachers can make course recommendations for individual students that enable them request courses when they haven’t met the specified pre-requisites.