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Creative activities for college students

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WHAT IT TAKES TO GET INTO COLLEGE. There is no clear-cut pathway to college. A recent survey of college admission officers indicate that some factors do matter more than others, according to the infographic “College Admissions: What Really Matters?

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But here’s the problem. Remember Wayne’s World ? (Your students don’t). One of my favorite movie quotes ever is spoken by Dana Carvey’s character Garth: “We fear change.” These three little words explain a lot of the things that have frustrated me as an educator for the past fifteen years. What I realized this summer, however, is that these three words explain me as well! I don’t want to change how I teach because students are differently prepared today than in the past. I’m afraid of changing things that have been working for me. Simple as that.

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Reflective activities provide students with an opportunity to absorb information more deeply – enhancing their creative and contextual understanding of the content. When reflective learning exercises are displayed visually in the classroom, they become of benefit not only to those who share them, but to every student in your class.

Throughout the process, students build better relationships with other team members as they struggle, deal with failure, and eventually work to master the problem presented. Check out this list of 65 team building games that can be used for students of all ages.

Natalie Smith
Self-Disclosure within Religious Discussion-Based Retreats
Retreats seem to offer a distinct communication climate, different from most other social interactions. A retreat may exist in a vacuum, free from the influence of standard societal norms guiding issues of self-disclosure, relationship building, and trust. This self-disclosure project seeks to explain the progression of social penetration theory within discussion-based religious retreats as a result of perceived facilitator or leader communicative competence.

Extension tasks are more open ended than regular tasks, meaning the project tasksheet will include the goal, but relies of the students’ creative and critical thinking ability to come up with a process.

Craig Jensen
Structural Analysis of OXA-757: An Exploration of an Antibiotic Resistance Mechanism
Due to the continued evolution of bacteria to combat antibiotics, research into the mechanisms that bacteria employ is increasingly important. Among the many mechanisms that bacteria employ, β-lactamases are common. Theses enzymes hydrolyze β-lactam antibiotics before harm can be done to the cell. One such β-lactamase, OXA-757, is a derivative of the well-studied OXA-79/95. When compared to OXA-79/95, OXA-757 has shown increased activity against some antibiotics. An attempt to characterize OXA-757 is in progress through X-ray crystallography. The progress in crystallizing this protein comprises the current presentation.

This doesn’t take any planning. All it takes is a class with at least one student who isn’t too shy. I remember a class a few semesters ago that started with nine students. Due to a couple of medical conditions and a job opportunity, three of the students had to drop during the semester. The problem was that these three students were the ones I counted on to ask questions and keep the class lively! Once I was left with six introverted people, conversations during class seemed to stop.

Jacob Towne
The Changing Agricultural Landscape of Kent County
Casual observation of data collected by the . Agricultural Census suggests that Kent County has been facing a loss in agricultural land as more and more people live within the county lines. This study looks at the use of satellite imagery in order to classify the land cover of Kent County during the years of 6977, 6996, and 7557. Change detection is then used to determine where this loss of agricultural land is occurring throughout the county and at what rate it is being lost. This study also takes a look at the preservation programs currently in place throughout the county, and at how much of the agricultural land is currently being preserved.

Sling Jam
This is a high energy active exercise to show participants that getting from there to there is not usually as easy as it appears. Innovative thinking and creativity are essential to high performance. Read more about this training activity