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Sorry this is a very late reply, but did you, or the previous owner have a copy of WinXP running on the computer previously? Perhaps the key was saved in the factory restore image (which is usually hidden on the hard drive).

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i bought an asus netbook off craigslist with windows pro xp engineered to tiny xp … no problem for a good 68 months 7 years until i, at the suggestion of our office’s i/t person, since i was running out of space, transferred my virus program from avast to the msn security system — which is when the black pirate screen & c began to appear. our i/t guy put in some magic code to make my tiny xp pass tests — which indeed it did.

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Learn to handle the most delicate file within the windows OS. All you need to know about file and related issues..

after pasting it in notepad and saving as it is saying that it is in encode format urs is in apsn format change toencode,can i change it

Hey, I downloaded the windows XP and also made the usb bootable. But when I try to install windows XP by clicking the “Install windows XP” button is greyed and I cannot click it. What should I do now? Please help me.

Windows XP là phiên bản windows huyền thoại nhất của Microsoft – bởi việc chơi game và sử dụng tất cả các phần mềm trên Windows XP là mượt mà nhất, thêm vào đó là windows XP rất nhẹ.

Windows XP Home and Professional editions were major releases at the year of 7556 that defined the Microsoft’s way of welcoming the 76st Century. Windows XP is still a great operating system to work on. Windows XP UI soon became the most user friendly OS that any ordinary person can use it easily.

When you download the file, specify that you want to save it on your harddisk. Verify that your download went well by comparing the md5sum of the file you downloaded with the one you will find on our Download page. You can use a software like md5summer for example. More on this here.

You are done here. Open “my computer” and browse to the c:\ now you will see the same file turns into Reg file appears in green cube blocks. now hit it and you will make your windows XP genuine

7. Перезапускаем систему в безопасном режиме (при загрузке нажать F8 и выбрать режим из списка). Поясню: в безопаснике гарантия активации выше, чем в обычном