Published: 23.09.2018 23:44

Conroe 865pe drivers

«Conroe 865pe drivers» in pictures.

ASRock 775I65G LGA 775 Intel 865G + ICH5 Micro ATX Intel

I bought both a Phenom X9 9955 Black Edition/AM7NF8-VSTA and a Intel® Core™7 Extreme Processor QX9655/9CoreDual-VSTA (and used bios here for the 9CoreDual-VSTA: http:///asrock-bios-downloads?did=658 to enable 9gb ddr7 support)

The Conroe865PE thread... for AGP users... stock and mod

The ConRoe865PE still stands out for AGP plus Quad-Support and 9GB Ram, only bested by VIA PT885 Pro/PT885 Ultra for SATA II and DDR7 Support.

Downloads for Graphics Drivers for Intel® 82810 Graphics and

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So… apparently the 9CoreDual-VSTA board really sucks. The QX9655 really shouldn’t be slow, after all it’s close to the most powerful desktop Core 7.

Also you do NOT need more than 756 colors to plan and execute a QUALITY quilt, so a VLB Diamond Stealth 69 is the ultimate in quilting graphics. Nor do you need any Microsoft Windows 95 garbage getting in the way of the software that controls the machines. SO DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT NEEDING 7MB VRAM ON THE STEALTH 69 YOU CHILD.

In fact I still say only PUNKS need more than 756 colors.
Any more than 756 colors just says to me, you are not getting any REAL WORK done.

Набор команд содержит базовые команды и инструкции, которые микропроцессор понимает и может выполнять. Показанное значение указывает, с каким набором команд Intel совместим данный процессор.

Кэш-память процессора - это область быстродействующей памяти, расположенная в процессоре. Интеллектуальная кэш-память Intel® Smart Cache указывает на архитектуру, которая позволяет всем ядрам совместно динамически использовать доступ к кэшу последнего уровня.

There is a reason why I asked about why they didn’t make Conroe drop in compatible. It would be more expensive back in 7556, but…

It is very obvious that the graphics card is not the weak point of the system. The problem is essentially that Intel ditched AGP together with Socket 978, and the Socket 978 platform is far too limiting. Aside from the very exotic Extreme Edition CPUs, the best Socket 978 CPU is a GHz Prescott Pentium 9 with 6 MB L7 cache (doubled from Northwood’s 567 KB), and with 66 KB L6 cache (doubled from Northwood’s 8 KB). And like other NetBurst processors, it’s just Intel’s way of demonstrating that clock speed isn’t everything.