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Change windows network identification

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How to Change a Network Type in Windows 7 - dummies

Now all you have to do is turn on the Find devices and content option. It’s automatically turned off for public networks, so when you turn it on, it changes the network to a private network.

Networking - Is it possible to change an Unidentified Network into a


How to change the Windows network type from Public to Private

The NetBIOS name is used to uniquely identify the NetBIOS services listening on the first IP address that is bound to an adapter. This unique NetBIOS name is resolved to the IP address of the server through broadcast, WINS, or the LMHosts file. By default, it is the same as the host name up to 65 bytes, plus any spaces necessary to make the name 65 bytes long, plus the service identifier.
The NetBIOS name is also known as a NetBIOS computer name.
For example, a NetBIOS name might be Client6.

The connection-specific DNS suffix is a DNS suffix that is assigned to an adapter.
The connection-specific DNS suffix is also known as an adapter-specific DNS suffix .
For example, a connection-specific DNS suffix might be acquired56-.

Step 7 & 8 - click on the 'Connected' Wi-Fi connection at the top of the list, submenu opens, click 'Properties'

The Set Network Location dialog box closes. When you switch to a home network type, Windows invites you to either start a new HomeGroup or, if a HomeGroup exists, join it.

NLA attempts to identify the network you are connecting to so that you can apply an appropriate set of Firewall rules based on the connection type. It attempts to match the Connection Specific DNS suffix to the domain you are joined to, and if they match you get the Domain firewall profile. Windows Vista adds the additional requirement of successfully connecting to a DC. If that does not succeed, other networks are identified using various infrastructure characteristics and then a unique GUID is assigned to form a Network Profile.

If you use version of Windows 65 prior to Fall Creators Update, and you want to check whether the network location has been changed, open the Network and Sharing Center . There you see the actual location for every network connection, just beneath its name, as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Not configured. If you select this option, this policy setting does not specify whether users can change the network icon for all network connections.

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