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Centos install pptp vpn server

«Centos install pptp vpn server» in pictures.

How to setup a PPTP VPN Server - CentOS

Building a VPN server using CentOS can never be easier than above method. I tested this script in a Cloud server hosted by DigitalOcean which I don’t know what virtualization technology used but it works like charm. For you guys who simply need a free PPTP VPN server that really works (and fast) to use in your iPhone, iPad, iPod or any Android devices, you can visit . There you can get free VPN with no registration.

How to establish PPTP VPN client connection on CENTOS/RHEL 7

The last thing that we need to do before starting our VPN server is to add DNS server. We can add the DNS servers provided by or internet provider or we can use Google DNS servers and insert them in the file.

How setup pptpd in CentOS7 - CentOS

You should now be connected to your PPTP VPN Server. Browse to http:// to verify that your traffic is going through the VPN server

This tutorial is geared more towards home users who have a spare system to run PPTP on. In this tutorial, Windows 7 is used for the client connecting to the VPN.

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NOTE : When the client restarts, the noipdefault parameter may be overwritten by parameters transferred from the server. If this problem occurs, check the server configuration.

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Configure the PPTP settings. The ppp configuration files are important for pptpd. First, configure /etc/ppp/, as follows. If desired, you may change the DNS servers.

Once this is done, we can repeat the procedure and add more client and they will all be able to communicate to each other inside secured virtual private network. The computer can communicate using any protocol or service, such as HTTP, SMTP, telnet, MySQL, FTP etc. PPTP server doesn’t demand high usage of CPU resources, but still, all traffic is 678-bit encrypted. This provides decent level of security and protection for our sensitive data and information.

Symptom : The client successfully connects to VPN but the obtained IP address is incorrect. The obtained IP address is not the one allocated by the VPN server but is the IP address of the intranet adapter of ECS, see the following figure: